How can I get information about a program I saw on Showcase if I don’t know the title?

Showcase broadcasts many programs. In order for us to help you, please be specific in your request by providing us with the title and/or exact date and time of the broadcast. We cannot identify programs by description of footage, narrator, host, or interviewee.

How do I acquire more information on a particular program?

Showcase Television can provide viewers with repeat dates and times of a specific show when possible. We cannot provide more information on the subject than is included in the program’s content, nor can we provide contact information for stars or hosts of our programs and films.

How can I find out if certain program will be repeated?

Traditionally most of our programs are re-aired at some point. To determine if the program you are interested in is currently scheduled to be rebroadcast, please check our daily listings at www.showcase.ca/schedule.

How can I find out about the music heard in your programs?

Most of our on-air promotional and original series music is written specifically for our programs. While musical pieces may be available commercially, they are not available for sale through Showcase.


Where do I send comments about a specific show?

The feedback and opinions of our viewers are very important to us. Any comments sent to our viewer relations department at feedback@showcase.ca will be reviewed and forwarded to appropriate departments within our company.

How can I suggest a program or movie for Showcase?

We’re always looking for movie and program suggestions. Please be assured any suggestions sent through our viewer relations department will be forwarded to our programming department for review and consideration when they formulate future schedules. You can make a submission for Showcase by email¬† feedback@showcase.ca.


Are Showcase programs available to purchase on iTunes, DVD or VHS?

Yes, you can buy Showcase shows on iTunes. Or, we suggest you contact your local home video retailer.

Showcase does not have the distribution rights to any of the programs or films we broadcast. At this time, we have discontinued the Shop section on showcase.ca. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at feedback@showcase.ca.


SUBMISSIONS POLICY: Corus Entertainment does not accept and/or review unsolicited creative material of any kind. Any unsolicited materials sent to us by any means whatsoever will be returned unread and/or discarded at Corus Entertainment’s sole discretion. Please do NOT submit materials via this website or email. We assume absolutely no responsibility relating thereto and will not respond to any unsolicited submissions sent via this website or email.


Need to know more? Please contact our viewer relations department at feedback@showcase.ca or our webmaster at webmaster@showcase.ca.