The big deceptions of Mr. Robot



Every season, Mr. Robot begins seemingly normally (well, not really but you know what I mean), and there's always a bigger picture that we, as the viewer, are expected to dig deeper to see and figure out. It's interesting, like a big intellectual treasure hunt, with small clues and breadcrumbs along the way to crack the code.

Season 1 introduced us to Elliot, a reclusive computer genius with little to no taste for human interaction. We see him brought into the folds of a hacking group by the elusive Mr. Robot, who's everything Elliot isn't: confident, aggressive, and decisive. We followed the two characters through various twists and turns, and it took many people a while to notice that nobody interacted with Mr. Robot except for Elliot. The only person who was ever in serious conversation with him was Elliot, and the other characters never really paid him any mind. The eventual revelation that Elliot IS Mr. Robot was a shock for many, and validation for some that had figured it out by following the clues. It changes the entire way the first season is viewed, and when you re-watch it with this information, it's crazy all the little things that you don't quite realize at the time, but stand out once you know Mr Robot is Elliot. It allows you to finally realize that Elliot is the ultimate unreliable narrator, and it's wise to question everything he tells us as viewers.

Second season comes around and Elliot has become more reclusive than ever. He's staying at his mother's house, because he says it helps to keep him on track. He keeps himself on a strict schedule, and diaries everything that happens in his day,  as he tries his hardest to keep Mr. Robot from surfacing. Elliot's life seems restricted, although to the viewer it appears to be a self-inflicted type of restriction. Well, it was self-inflicted in a sense, but not in the way we thought. Elliot had turned himself in and was incarcerated, not trying to relax away from it all at his mother's house. The restaurant he went everyday with his friend Leon didn't exist, and Leon was a fellow inmate. When Darlene would visit him, she was visiting him in jail, which explains why she would never interact with their mother during her visits: because she wasn't actually there.

With these large scale reveals, it makes one wonder what the Mr. Robot team will have in store for us when Season 3 rolls around, and how long will it take us to figure it out? It's always a struggle to fully understand the bigger picture with Mr. Robot, at least until the end, but that's a lot of the fun. It's not as interesting when you know everything off the bat, wouldn't you agree?


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