Mr. Robot recap episode 12: season finale

Well, what we have all feared has happened: Mr. Robot season two has come to an end but the second installment of the finale established tons of exciting, potential storylines for season 3 and left us all wanting more.

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This week’s episode also answered a bunch of unanswered questions and presented several more new unanswered questions. So, let’s get to the answering of the answers we do have and also mention the answers
we don’t have.

The episode opens up with a flashback of Tyrell and Elliot (with Mr. Robot in charge) arguing in Tyrell’s car near the arcade and beside a rollercoaster. Tyrell wants some unanswered questions answered himself. He needs to know what Elliot is planning but Elliot refuses to comply. When he goes to exit the vehicle, Tyrell reminds Elliot that he knows his dirty little secret. Elliot suggests that Tyrell think and do nothing in relation to him but Tyrell refuses to comply himself. He gets emotional as he stands outside the automobile, confesses that he thinks the two of them are destined to be together, begs Elliot to help him understand and recites a nonsensical poem that his father used to say to him as a child. Elliot reveals that Tyrell is not seeing what’s above him; only what’s in front of him. Esmail and his riddles, am I right?

We flash forward to present-day duo Tyrell and Elliot strolling side by side through town. They arrive at the door of a rundown factory space. Tyrel buzzes and they proceed to take the elevator up to wherever they’re headed as a silent man in a chemical resistant white suit munches on a burger and guides them upwards. Elliot narrates that he wonders if the Dark Army is behind this; whatever this is. He doesn’t know because he doesn’t trust his memory or his mind. But, it’s gotten worse than that. He also now questions his eyes and his ears. He then asks “Isn’t it all the same? Our senses are just mediocre inputs for our brain” and what if the stuff our mind portrays is just a good guess or a garbled reality or a super fuzzy picture? Elliot is attempting to determine if what his mind is currently portraying is the truth or a good guess and Tyrell is attempting to determine if Elliot is sane enough to continue this risky assignment.

Elliot doesn’t possess information that he should possess because it was Mr. Robot who started working with Tyrell not Elliot. Elliot inquires about where Tyrell has been staying, if the Dark Army set up the space they’re in, and if Tyrell knows that his wife Joanna has been looking for him. Tyrell coldly explains that he’s doing what he has to do and sits at a computer in this large, open, dark, dirty room to type something onto the keyboard and show Elliot what they’ve been working on. As Elliot examines the blueprints on the screen, an ecstatic Tyrell asks him what he thinks. Elliot deciphers that Tyrell, Mr. Robot, Whiterose and the Dark Army are planning something big and they think he’s behind it but he can’t figure out all of the details. Tyrell quickly enlightens him as he stands in front of a window mostly covered in newspaper and points to E Corp trucks parked across the street. Those trucks are holding some paper records.

But not just any paper records. The paper records that E Corp needs to rebuild their database and regain control and restore order in the world. Apparently, it was Elliot’s suggestion to set off a massive explosion (via Malware and batteries and hydrogen gas) in the facility where these precious paper records are being held thus destroying the bloodline of all property in the country. Yikes, Elliot, that is a pretty big thing to forget, buddy! Especially when it was your idea. Elliot processes this as his eyes do their signature bugging out and Tyrell firmly crosses his arms and Mr. Robot enters the picture with a confident grin. That grin rapidly morphs into yelling as Elliot confronts his dead dad hallucination about lying to him and making moves behind his back and getting in cahoots with the Dark Army and Tyrell. Mr. Robot insists that Elliot can only know what he can handle and the reason there is an issue is because he’s wandering outside of his realm. Also, Elliot always wanted them to go “all the way” and this is en route to “all the way”.

Elliot doesn’t know what “all the way” is and he doesn’t want to know. He pushes Tyrell away from the computer and starts shutting down the explosion of the paper records facility. Tyrell is perplexed by Elliot’s want to not be gods together like they had discussed but Elliot ignores him and proceeds with halting Stage 2. So, when his words fail to convince Tyrell picks up a gun. He points it at Elliot and promises to shoot him if he doesn’t step away from the keyboard. That’s when Elliot has a revelation: Tyrell is also a hallucination, just like Mr. Robot. He is an invention of Elliot’s questionable mind and Mr. Robot is using fake Tyrell to control Elliot and now it’s time to regain control. Tyrell is not a threat because he is not real. Elliot back steps towards the desk and towards freedom from his garbled reality, but then Tyrell shoots him in the chest ‘cause he is very real and Elliot was very wrong. Elliot is shocked to see blood spilling from his body. Tyrell rationalizes the bullet wound in Elliot’s chest by reminding Elliot that this was also
his idea.

Yikes, again, Elliot. This is an even bigger thing to forget. Once upon a time Elliot gave Tyrell Darlene’s gun from the popcorn machine and instructed him to stop anyone who gets in the way and that includes him. Of course that wasn’t Elliot-Elliot saying that it was Mr. Robot-Elliot, who confirms Tyrell’s story as he flickers into nothingness and Elliot’s bleeding body blacks out. But he doesn’t die! How do we know he doesn’t die? Tyrell calls up Angela (who like everyone else is in cahoots with the Dark Army and Whiterose as well) and heavily breathes into the phone. She soothes his worry by calmly stating that he did what he had to do. An emotional Tyrell confesses that he loves Elliot. Angela does too. Huh. Funny way these two show love, no? Tyrell isn’t good at showing love to his wife Joanna either, who finds out that the person sending her presents was not Tyrell after all. It was Scott Knowles who wanted her to experience the false hope and excruciating pain that he felt when he got a promotion and found out his wife was pregnant before she was murdered by Tyrell and E Corp began to kind of collapse.

Joanna hears him out as he drunkenly admits to everything, sobs uncontrollably and then apologizes profusely. She replies by calling him a pussy, mocking his dead baby and insulting his cheating wife. He replies to her reply by choking her and punching her and almost killing her. But, unlike heartless Tyrell, he’s a nicer person so he calls an ambulance. Joanna informs her simple-minded, Tom Cruise loving boyfriend of what happened to her face and he vows to kill Scott Knowles. But she has grander plans. She wants them to frame him for his wife’s death.

Speaking of death, Darlene would be happy to know that her brother isn’t actually dead since she’s been losing a lot of loved ones as of late. ‘Cause guess what? Cisco IS dead. Well, that sad mystery is solved. The love of her life is officially kaput but Darlene is NOT kaput, which we discover when FBI agent Dom is compassionately interrogating her about her BF being murdered and about her involvement with the Dark Army and about the Five/Nine hack.

Dom gives her condolences for Darlene’s loss but in classic sassy Darlene fashion she is not allowing herself to be manipulated by kind words. She tries to invoke her Fifth Amendment privilege and avoid answering any of the FBI’s unanswered questions. But as Dom’s boss clarifies for Darlene, there is also something called the Patriot Act which means that she is NOT in a TV show (how meta), characters like her are not welcome and enemy combatants have no rights. Dom requests that the bad cop leave the room so the good cop can make progress on her own. Dom updates Darlene about Vincent’s status but she couldn’t care less. Dom predicts that they’re going to be best friends because they’re both wacky Jersey girls but Darlene couldn’t care less. She knows what’s up and she isn’t playing into Dom’s sympathy card. She’d rather be arrested then listen to Dom dish out superficial condolences. But before she is arrested, she wants a lawyer and wants Dom to suck a dick, which makes the agent giggle.

After he finishes her chuckle, Dom goes to grab some evidence to intimidate Darlene. She  presents a camera and a mask which they found in Cisco’s apartment. Dom claims they used the camera to make fsociety videos but Darlene hypothesizes that they used it to film freaky shit. Dom’s boss wants to admit defeat but Dom knows better. They need to remain on the target and Darlene is the target. If they let her go, the Dark Army will kill her like they killed the others. Dom insists on talking to Darlene solo because she knows her, nay, she IS her. She doesn’t have a life (like Darlene) and all she thinks about is work (like Darlene). Darlene adds another trait to their identical personalities. Neither of them is special. Finally, something Dom can use. The FBI agent takes advantage of Darlene’s insecurities and leads her to a room with a map that connects every main character, secondary character, and guest character in Mr. Robot including Cisco, Elliot, and her. Darlene is impressed, surprised, and complimented.

Dom has known about all of them for a while but they had to sit back and wait because they had to get the guy in the middle before he knew they got him. The Python Approach. Patient predator. Also, Romero was killed by a stray bullet from the neighbours. Not the Dark Army. As Darlene analyzes the complex map and her gorgeous face, she expels an incredulous “You gotta be fucking kidding me” harkening back to Dom’s disbelief upon finding the fsociety arcade.

Two other characters who aren’t dead are Mobley and Trenton who we get a glimpse of sitting outside their new electronics store and place of work on break in a post-credits scene. Trenton vaguely describes something she found that could make everything like it was. Mobley is hesitant to get involved. Their covert chat is interrupted by a random stranger asking them for the time. However, he’s not random or a stranger to us. He’s Leon, the Seinfeld-obsessed badass who Elliot befriended in jail and who like everyone else is in cahoots with Whiterose.

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