The Path: The Hole

In this week's episode of The Path, we picked up where we left off last week, with Eddie digging the hole as part of his 7R training. After digging all night he saw a vision of Sarah and Cal making out, which was disturbing for all of us. Before Eddie could arrive home, he received a frantic call from Sarah that Hawk hadn't come home the night before. Wouldn't this have been something she noticed before she went to bed? Nevertheless, Hawk woke up on the grass next to Ashley, they fell asleep after the party. He kissed Ashley before frantically scrambling for home. Despite attempting to come in quietly, Hawk was bombarded by the entire family - including Sarah's parents, and cousins. Hawk wanted to speak privately about what happened but Sarah was having none of it, demanding an explanation. Joy tattled on him about Ashley and how he'd been spending time with her at school. Sarah's mother stressed that she had to get the situation under control, as Sara's parents had "lost a child" before. This was the first I'd heard of Sarah having a sister named Tessa, at first I thought she died, but it sounded like Tessa gave up her beliefs and lived elsewhere - so not really lost. But I guess it's all or nothing for Meyerists.

Turned out Abe is not a Detective as I originally thought, he's an FBI agent. He and his wife took their daughter for tests and were anxious about hearing the results. While they waited, his wife wanted support while Abe insisted he must go to work. Abe met with Alison, after discovering her website and asked her why she stayed so close to the compound. Alison said she wanted answers and for the Meyerists to own up to what they did to her husband, Jason. The report on Jason's death indicated he committed suicide when he jumped off a mountain. Alison dismissed the claim, Jason climbed that mountain all the time. He'd also been flying to Peru every other week, but shortly before his death he insisted it would be the last time he would do it. Abe suggested Alison leave and start a new life, let the FBI figure out what happened. She was obviously displeased by the suggestion. Back at his office, with the help of his tech, Abe found Jason's chequing account had many deposits from Lima, Peru which made Abe suspect drug trafficking.

John Ridge burst into Cal's home demanding to know where his wife and son were. Cal, knowing nothing of what Sarah did in last week's episode tried to play catch up. John insisted Cal "get control of his people." Before stalking out, leaving Cal looking more enraged than we'd ever seen him.

Sara continued to freak out about Hawk and made drastic suggestions about realignment, but Eddie was hesitant to act so hasty. Despite Sarah insisting Hawk was nothing like Tessa, she was obviously scared they'd "lose him." Eddie wanted to try a softer hand at parenting, like his parents had done for him but when Sarah curtly replied that approach did nothing to help him or his brother, Eddie felt verbally bitch slapped. They were interrupted by Cal's knock on their door, Cal unleashed on Sarah for sending Freddie Ridge to Peru but Sarah didn't back down, believing it was the best thing for him. Eddie came out and forced Cal to leave, he wasn't going to let Cal talk to his wife like that. Cal fled home to call Silas. He left frantic messages not to give Freddie Ridge the medicine. Mary came in at precisely the wrong moment to tell Cal that she and Sean had sex. He was dismissive of her and her news, leaving her very upset. Once alone, Cal attempted to calm his rage through deep breathing.

Back at the Lane house, Sarah wanted to pull Hawk out of school early but Hawk, obviously didn't want to (now). She told him in no uncertain terms that he'd leave school at 16 regardless. Once Sarah stalked off, Eddie and Hawk spoke more candidly. Hawk asked Eddie if Ashley was bad. Eddie struggled to answer diplomatically, but told him Ashley was ignorant and doesn't know what she is yet.

Cal found Sarah praying at the altar and apologized for his earlier behaviour. Sarah told Cal about Hawk's recent troubles. When Tessa was almost 16 and readying to take her vows, "she chose to be ignorant" what if Hawk did the same? After a loaded moment between them, Cal suggested he and Sarah pray for Hawk. Mary witnessed their intimate exchange undetected and became upset. Later, Eddie and Cal continued their 7R training while Eddie attempted to memorize seemingly random number combinations. When they took a break, Eddie discovered Sarah told Cal about Hawk, which he had wanted to keep private. When Cal questioned him again about what he saw in the hole, Eddie lied and said he saw how Cal yelled at Sarah, then soon after it came true. Cal apologized again for his behaviour. When Eddie asked what Cal saw when he did 7R, Cal admitted he saw a vision that he was a no one, a nothing. Eddie didn't have that fear and Cal envied it.

Sean found Mary packing up to leave saying she needed to start over elsewhere. He implored her to stay. He gave her an impassioned account of how his sister's death and death of his friends in the school shooting were representative of the ugliness of the world, but not the world they're in now. He wanted her to stay with him, and we see later that she does. Maybe her desire for Cal is being over taken by a trusting relationship with Sean? Abe received a visit from creepy Mr. Cox who wanted to know the status of the investigation. Abe didn't reveal what he'd learned about Mr. Cox from Mary but assured him that he would be the first to know when the case developed. Abe met up with Eddie posing again as Sam, stating he'd like to take his vows. But Eddie could tell Sam was concerned with something else. Sam explained his daughter was sick, something that caused a strain on her lungs. They were waiting to hear more from the doctor but she could possibly need open heart surgery. Eddie comforted Sam, explaining that the fear of unknowing is the worst part, the Ladder won't change whether his daughter is sick or not. I think Abe is starting to like Eddie.

At home, Sarah attempted a gentler approach with Hawk and told him the story of being six weeks pregnant and she'd lost the baby's hear beat. She went to Peru and the baby (Hawk) "came back." She won't lose him again. At school, Hawk told Ashley he couldn't see her anymore. She responded that a "religion that tells you who you can and cannot like is stupid." Hawk struggled with letting her go. At home, Sarah used that weird machine on her head again, when Hawk came in and apologized to her for his recent actions. He planned to plant trees as his "offset." Sarah thought it was a great idea. But later that night, Hawk snuck out to be with Ashley. Did they plan the confrontation at school?

In Peru, Freddie was given the medicine by Silas and began to hallucinate. At the Ridge home, John accused Cal of preying on his wife and threw insults at him. Cal defended Sarah's actions and called her an angel who would likely save John's son's life. After John threw him out, Cal was beat senseless by one of John's cronies.

Will Hawk get caught being with Ashley again? What will he do when he's forced to between family and love? Would Eddie force his son to make that choice? What will Cal do now that he's been assaulted at the hands of John Ridge? Will Freddie Ridge conquer his addiction with Silas' help in Peru? Will we ever see Tessa? What did you think of this episode of The Path?