Recap: Continuum 403 "Power Hour"

Travis watches Carlos from his prison cell as Carlos tells him that Liber8 has failed.  Kiera walks into the room and tries to convince Carlos to release Travis into her custody.  She tells him that she needs soldiers of her own and she wants to do things that the police can’t do.  Carlos refuses and leaves the room.

Marcellus, Zorin and Brad walk through a factory as Zorin tells Marcellus that they need the key that Kiera stole from them to complete their mission.  Zorin questions Brad’s loyalty and Marcellus tells him that if Brad weren’t loyal they’d be drowning in blood by now.

Vasquez approaches Kellog on the street and beats up his security men.   He offers her money and she introduces herself as his new bodyguard.

At Alec’s apartment Julian taunts Alec about losing PIRON to Kellog and bemoans his future fate as a bad guy.  Lucas tells Julian that he needs to man up and be the author of his own destiny and in response Julia throws his manifesto in the fire.

At the precinct, Kellog arrives with Dillon and Vasquez.  They meet with Carlos in his office to discuss Emily’s kidnapping.  Kellog tries to leave when Carlos says he’s not under arrest, but Kiera tells him they’ll lock him up with Travis if he doesn’t sit down.  Kellog threatens to release incriminating information on Alec and Kiera if they don’t stop harassing him.  As he leaves the office, Dillon asks Carlos what he thought he was going to achieve and Carlos questions Dillon’s integrity.

Alec arrives at the precinct to talk to Carlos and Kiera.  He tells them he wants to help at the police department by taking over Betty’s position.  As they talk Carlos gets a phone call about a robbery of superconducting magnets from a university lab.  Carlos believes it was the Time Soldiers who stole the magnets and Alec says he can help check the university’s surveillance.

At the apartment, Lucas discovers that someone is offering Theseus’ Manifesto online for free.  He shows Julian and Julian angrily tells him to find out who’s behind it.

Alec looks at traffic camera footage at his desk as Kiera watches.  He finds footage of Brad driving the getaway van in the robbery.  Kiera leaves to try to track Brad after telling Alec not to tell Carlos where she went.  After she’s gone, Carlos enters the office to ask Alec where she’s going.  When Alec claims he doesn’t know, Carlos asks him to track her CMR and update him on her movements.  Alec says he’ll watch out for her but Carlos needs to trust his discretion.

At his desk, Alec is examining the key that Kiera stole from the Time Soldiers when his phone rings.  It’s Kiera and he tells her that the key is magnetic and lines up with a large magnetic field coming from an abandoned factory owned by PIRON.  The factory is close to the van’s last known location.  Kiera tells him to sneak out of the precinct and come meet her at his place.

Julian gets out of a cab in front of a suburban house.  He introduces himself to the woman who answers the doors as Theseus.  She invites him in and when he asks her why she published his manifesto Chen walks into the room and says “because I told her to”.

At Alec’s, Lucas, Kiera and Garza are looking at a surveillance feed of the factory.  Lucas says that trucks have been arriving all day.  Kiera tells Garza that they need to get into the factory to see what’s going on in there.  Lucas will from outside and Alec can monitor everything from his apartment.

At the house, Chen tells Julian that he admires Theseus, just like their host, Mrs. Kagame.  Julian realizes that her son is Edouard Kagame.  Chen tells Julian that in 20 years he will organize a rebellion against corporate power that will get hundreds of thousands killed.  Julian says he refuses to allow his manifesto to influence young Edouard.  Chen replies that he has control over his life and can ensure that his teachings are never used wrongly by fanatics.  Julian leaves, but as he walks away Chen tells him that the world needs him.

Lucas and Kiera sit in a van outside the factory with Garza.  Garza and Kiera are both wearing CMR suits.  They turn invisible, but once they enter the factory their suits are jammed by an anti-cloaking device.  They decide to continue anyway.  As they go deeper into the factory they discover that the Time Soldiers are building something that is giving off huge amounts of energy.  They agree that it must be destroyed.

In another room in the factory, Garza and Kiera discover a stash of weapons and explosives.  Garza starts building a bomb while Kiera monitors what’s going in the rest of the factory.  Back at Alec’s apartment he suddenly realizes that the soldiers are building a high powered anti-matter system that could take Kiera home.  He tells Kiera not to blow it up, but Garza accuses Kiera of stalling because Brad is in the factory.  While they argue a Time Soldier enters the room and attacks them.  They knock him out, but Garza refuses to leave.  She’s heading for the bomb when her suit flashes and she drops to the floor.  Alec triggered a failsafe device that he’d installed in the suit.  Kiera picks up Garza and leaves.  Alec tells Lucas to get closer to the factory in the van.

Zorin, Marcellus and Brad discover the unconscious guard and revive him.  He tells them he was attacked by two people with cloaking tech.  Marcellus and Brad leave to find them.

Garza wakes up just in time for her and Kiera to run into some Time Soldiers who open fire on them.  Alec tells Lucas that he needs to go inside to help, but he’s being held at gunpoint by a soldier.  Lucas punches the soldier out, takes his gun and runs for the factory.

Garza attacks the Time Soldiers and overpowers them.  She and Kiera make a run for it, but Marcellus catches up to them and knocks Garza out.  He grabs Kiera and just as he’s about to stab her, Brad yells “no”.  Lucas appears and opens fire on Marcellus.  Brad returns fire on Lucas and kills him.  Kiera helps Garza up and they leave the factory while Brad stares at the bodies of Marcellus and Lucas.

In the van Garza tells Kiera that her fault that Lucas is dead, that Lucas died to protect a future that only she wants.  She forces Kiera to pull over and gets out of the van.

Back at the factory, Zorin tells the soldiers that they need to work double-time to finish their mission.  One of the soldiers reminds Zorin that Brad is the ranking officer.  They argue amongst themselves until Brad tells them that Marcellus would want Zorin in charge.

Alec returns to the precinct and Kiera tells him that it’s not his fault that Lucas was killed.  Carlos approaches to ask Alec if he has a lead on the van.  Alec says he needed to get some extra components for his computer system.  Carlos leaves and Alec confronts Kiera about protecting Brad.  Kiera tells him that they need to protect the factory until they know what’s going on and that means Carlos can’t know anything about it.

Kiera speaks to Travis in his cell.  She tells him that Lucas was killed saving her life.  He tells her not to blame herself, because Lucas was willing to give his life for the cause.  She admits that it’s getting harder make the right decisions, but says she will do what she has to do to make sure Kellog is stopped.  From his office Carlos listens in on their conversation from a security camera.

Julian returns to Alec’s apartment and tells Alec that he thinks he needs to leave.  Alec stops him by saying that he’s read his manifesto and that it’s beautiful.  He reminds Julian that he changed his own future and that Julian can as well.

Kellog relaxes in a hot tub on the balcony of his apartment and encourages Vasquez to relax.  He sends her to get a glass of wine and after she leaves Kiera steps onto the balcony.  She tells him that the Time Soldiers killed Lucas.  Vasquez returns and when she pulls her gun Kellog tells her that Kiera was just leaving.  Before she walks away she asks him a question – if no one else can trust you, then how can you trust you?

Mrs. Kagame stands on her porch holding her son as Julia approaches.  He’s carrying his bags and she lets him into the house.