Beauty and the Beauty - Then and Beyond

From the moment Christine and I began this glorious journey together with BATB, we’ve had our own views on how we thought things would unfold. We have been, for the most part, incorrect in those predictions.Today we are taking a look back at the season’s first half and also looking forward to what’s in store over the next few episodes.

E2 “Proceed With Caution”
Plot: An introduction to all things BATB including Cat, Vincent, Muirfield, and the NYPD
Most violent moment: Vincent embeds himself in a wall.

Most romantic moment:
Cat and Vincent start communication oldschool style via note passing
Sarah: Is this going to be a case-per-episode type series?
Christine: I’m really liking the music in this series so far!

E3 “All In”
Plot: Cat & Vincent team up to save some smuggled illegals. Vincent thrashes around while trapped in a basement.
Most violent moment: Vincent grabs Cat in a dark alley

Most romantic moment: Cat cups Vincent’s face while he is in ugly mode - its love!

Sarah: These two clearly have she using him to do her job for her? he kind of solved this entire case for her.
Christine: It’s starting to seem like every episode of this series is going to be about Vincent helping Cat save a woman/women in trouble because of a man - I hope it isn’t like this for the whole series (spoiler: it isn’t)

E4: “Basic Instinct”
Plot: Cat gets told about Muirfield, her mother’s involvement in it, and questions whether Vincent is a bad killer or a good killer.
Most violent moment: Cat, Vincent and JT murder a bunch of Muirfield people.
Most romantic moment: Vincent finds and brings Cat’s home run winning baseball to her fire escape.

Sarah: Vincent even has to help Cat with baseball! This girl needs to get her game together. Is Heather a stripper?
Christine: Something negative about JT

E5: “Saturn Returns”
Plot: Vincent works out, sleeps and walks around with his abs out...and something about fugues. And Cat’s birthday!
Most romantic moment: Evan kisses Cat! downside: Vincent sees it.

Most violent moment: Vincent beats a guy up in a convenience store & peaces out.
Sarah: This is my fave episode so far. abs, parties, kissing AND fugue intrigue.
Christine: #TeamEVAN

E6: “Worth”
Plot: Vincent is experiencing some sort of lovesickness; an art show is a cover for a prostitution ring.
Most violent moment: Vincent fugues out; wakes up with blood on his hands.
Most romantic moment: Vincent seduces Cat with his metaphors about art.
Sarah: Where the heck did Muirfield go? They seem to have disappeared
Christine: The most frustrating Cat/Vincent will-they-won’t-they kiss episode so far! Does Vincent know how to kiss?

E7: “Out Of Control”
Plot: Evan gets kidnapped by a college kid. In a rage, Vincent at once saves Evan and kills the kidnapper.
Most romantic moment: Cat and Vincent were planning on going on a weekend camping getaway together. d’awwwwwwwwww
Most violent moment: Vincent fugues on JT, JT tranqs Vincent
Sarah: Tess and Evan need to get in the Beast loop so that they can all work TOGETHER.

E8: “Trapped”
Plot: Muirfield flashback! Vincent learns how to trigger his Muirfield memories with fugues. Someone is trying to kill a pop star Bieber-type kid.
Most violent moment: In a flashback we learn how Vincent got scarred in the face.

Most romantic moment: Cat & Vincent walk through a graveyard together.

Sarah: Well, He’s screwed. Running around murdering people? How is Cat supposed to protect him now?!
Christine: Tess really needs to go on more dates, so kids like jailbait-Bieber don’t think she’s available.

E9: “Bridesmaids Up!
Plot: Its Brooke’s wedding! Cat runs around trying to find a date, only to have Vincent come to meet her, only to walk away from her at the wedding.
Most romantic moment: Cat’s bridesmaid speech is actually about her and Vincent’s love. Vincent saves her life when she gets in a car wreck chasing after him.
Most violent moment: Cat shoots the millionaire matchmaker; gets shot herself and rolls her car. Not in that order.
Sarah: Now what? Evan obviously knows that Beast/Cat are in it together. Will he be on their side?!
Christine: I’m with Sarah on this one. Either we’ll see them all band together against Murfield or Evan is going to work against them. I think it can go either way.

Coming up: 9 more episodes!

E10: “Seeing Red
Vincent barely escapes being caught by his former fiancée, Alex, and must deal with the repercussions of his past. While Cat is in the hospital, she is forced to confront her feelings for Vincent. Meanwhile, J.T. gets a surprising visitor asking about old research he did on mutant DNA.
Forced to confront her feelings! Didn’t she already do that during her bridesmaid's speech and then chase after him? Why is he playing so hard to get! I really hope he leaves his ex fiance in the past...where she belongs. Too harsh?
SPOILER does this look like a narrow escape:

Sarah: I don’t think we are going to be seeing the kissing we are hoping for in this episode.
Christine: I kinda hope Vincent and his ex get back together -- then Evan can make his move (again) on Cat! I know you disagree Sarah, but I’m still hoping that the Evan/Cat situation is more like Joey and Pacey on Dawson’s Creek (where you think she’ll end up with Dawson because the show is named after him) Rachel and Ross on Friends (where it’s the most obvious thing ever that they’ll end up together in the end)... Not that Vincent is at all like Ross...barf.

Christine, remember when after the first episode we were so stoked for this relationship, and made predictions for when they would first hook up? Remember?! Here:s a look back:

Christine: how long do you think we'll have to wait until something happens between these two?
Sarah: lets make bets!
Christine: episode 5! pre mid season break
Sarah: do you think it will be a kiss, a hickey, or a full out sleepover
Sarah: I am going episode....6 - sleepover
Christine: episode 5! pre-mid season break
Christine: hickey
Christine: ok. ep 5 kiss...ep 12 sleepover
Sarah: I guess we can still hope for a sleepover in ep 12

Kissing poll:

More Pondering...
Do you think Tess will hook up with her boss Joe? again?
Christine: Have they hooked up already? Are we just assuming they did? Maybe the next episode will open with them waking up in the same bed together!
Sarah: They have, she mentioned it to Cat at the wedding!!!
Christine: How did I miss that?!
Sarah: Will we see Vincent Kissing Alex (his ex) before he does Cat?
Christine: Oh gawwwd I hope not.
Sarah: Is there a particular song you would like to hear in an episode?
Christine: TLC, No Scrubs. Represents Cat’s frustration with Vincent (why is he so afraid of commitment?) and Evan (why is he such a player?)
Sarah: What’s next for Vincent after Fugueing? Certainly life can’t just be a breeze...
Christine: JT, Vincent, and Evan take a trip to Mexico together. They sip fruity drinks and enjoy the sun. End of show.
Sarah: Is there a type of case you would want to see?
Christine: Maybe an unlikely crossover episode with another crime show?
Sarah: Do you think Evan will dump Heather?
Christine: Are they even together, really?
Sarah: Oh I am certain SHE thinks so
Sarah: What does Heather do for money?
Christine: Pyramid Scheme. Or works at a hippie jewelry shop.
Sarah: Where did Muirfield go? When/how will they appear again?
Christine: Do you think Vincent’s ex is connected to Murfield? Maybe they capture Cat/Vincent/JT on the season finale?

Beauty and the Beast returns tomorrow (Jan. 24) with "Seeing Red" at 9 et/pt