Lost Girl Recap: E13, 'Dark Horse'

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: The season #Faenale, as Bo and the gang battle her father’s revenant army at the spiritual centre for crazy pony ladies. Speaking of that location: It’s true that here at the LG blog, we like to horse around — but aside from dialogue quips like “Daddy Darko,” “Go big or Go Hel” and “Bo’bqued” (and, well, 3x the normal amount of innuendo), the final installment of the season was a heavy, serious affair that, correct me if I’m wrong — I’m not wrong — saw more emotional upheaval per major character than any other episode, ever. So, we’re going to go out with a salute and a hanky by not only (mostly) speaking frankly but also letting some of the show’s cast, crew and legion of dedicated fans share their tears of sadness and joy. If you have not yet seen "Dark Horse," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Kenzi...all-but steals the show; makes sense, because she’s the shadow thief. She returns to Bo’s side because she realizes she simply cannot leave, no matter how much she wants to. After an awkward reunion and equally awkward parting, she and Tamsin uncover an ancient script that offers a means of blocking the gate to Norse-legend Hel: by sacrificing Bo’s heart. Kenz realizes that she is Bo’s heart — “It is never that simple with you Fae, it is always a metaphor, a symbol,” she tells Dyson. In a moving everyone-else-screaming-no sequence, the shadow thief falls.
Lost Girl S04E13 pic2
One face launched a thousand ships; this face broke a thousand hearts.

Dyson...you dawg! I mean: really. Reader, whether or not you’re on Team DyBo, you can’t deny that this episode saw Dyson find a lateral way to channel his love without sacrificing it (or giving up on it): by swearing fealty. Wolfie gets numerous strong moments this episode, including saving Bo from poisoned revenant chi — with, surprise surprise, a kiss — and making good on his very first direct order under Bo’s official command: “Hold back the armies of Hel? Thought you'd never ask, my Queen!”
Lost Girl S04E13 pic3
Looks like a wolfman’s most threatening growl, is really a lachyrmose lycanthrope howl.

Tamsin...earns her wings. The death of Rainer at Massimo’s hands (followed by death of Massimo’s, at Bo’s) sees Tamsin’s mission restored. She can now return to Valhalla with the soul she was blood-bound to deliver. She can also bring along those newly fallen who have earned it, and the sequence where she is just about to take Kenzi away is possibly the most operatic moment ever recorded in this series (and let’s not forget, there was an episode about opera this season!). Bit of a mind-mess of an ending, though: Tamsin in a confused state at the Norse gate, babbling about Kenzi being “gone” (my guess: NOT in Valhalla) and insisting that Bo not be allowed to find the second hellshoe. So, a finale but not a full resolution.
Lost Girl S04E13 pic4
I will never reveal the truth about Bo and her dad.

Lauren...the doctor is out — but she goes out in style. Sure, Lauren doesn’t make it to the final battlefield, but there was only room for one human in that arena, and it was Kenzi. Still, short-lived as it may have been, Lauren’s last moment with Bo — mid-episode! — is easily the most moving moment that doesn’t involve tragedy. (No, I am not espousing Doccubus, or any team — I’m just sayin’.)
Lost Girl S04E13 pic5
Every non-Team Doccubus member: “Dear god, what is happening?!?!?”

What are your thoughts on the Lost Girl Season 4 finale? Thanks for Faellowing this season’s blog!