Lost Girl Recap: 411 'End of a Line'

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: The return of two characters who were presumed dead, and the (based on the first clause in this sentence: presumed) death of another character. All-but-blinded by the fact that she is now officially “in love(ish)” — Lost Girl fans: that is my own synonym for “destined” — Bo is intentionally overlooking a lot of suspicious qualities about Rainer, not the least of which is the fact that when Tamsin sees him for the first time since his release, she says he’s not Rainer. While most of the gang research a revenant infestation, Kenzi, alone, is forced to say the most difficult goodbye of her life — a parting that might also signal the end of her friendship with Bo. If you have not yet seen "End of a Line," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Oh, to be so innocent: Hale arranges for Kenzi to make up with her deadbeat mother; Hale proposes to Kenzi and tells her to take her time; Kenzi tells Bo she intends to accept… For every Kenzi sequence in this episode — well, until the final sequence — we are all buying into that innocence, happy to believe our Shadow Thief is finally going to get some real sunshine in her dark, difficult life. Then, the sunset; and what a bloody sunset it is. Hale outdoes Mr. Jerry Maguire in the category of speech serenading, only to be killed defending the woman he loves. Super-classy exit, bro, but sorry to see you go.
Lost Girl S04E11 pic2Bo’s special message for all her friends: “You complete me!” Sorry, make that: “YOU: Compete for me!”

Maybe there’s hope for Hale, despite the fact that Bo tells Kenzi it’s hopeless. After all, this episode sees the return of two thought-to-be-dead characters: Massimo and bounty hunter Acacia. The revenant infestation sees Acacia trying to get Tamsin to choose sides in the inevitable battle between Rainer and Trick. In a surprise twist that makes a lot of retrospective sense, Tamsin reveals that she did not take Rainer’s soul to Valhalla (as instructed) but gave it to, yep, Trick. Suddenly, all of Tam’s petrified facial expressions in previous episodes make a great deal of sense…
Lost Girl S04E11 pic3
This ep. of Lost Girl does not tie in with the new show airing Fri. 10pm on Showcase. Frankly, the zombie pictured here is too normal for Helix.

His own biggest fan, Trick spends another episode sitting in the basement of The Dal getting liquored up and revisiting the history that he rewrote. Just as Acacia attempts and fails to recruit Tamsin, Trick tries to recruit, of all people, Vex, by admitting that Vex’s father was one of his finest generals. Alas, Trick’s soft-sell approach goes awry when he incorrectly accuses Vex of stealing the missing papyrus seed (#awkward). Kudos to Vex for an exit line that reveals a previously unseen depth of character: “You [Trick] see good in me — at least that makes one of us.”
Lost Girl S04E11 pic4
The Blood King remembers the good old days, leafing through still life sketches made outside of Smaug’s cave.

Last word on this episode: It’s vital to point out that while Massimo’s is probably the hand that we saw reaching for Trick’s Una Mens-empowered missing papyrus seed last episode, (i) this show has a fondness for severing hands, so that one could have been a clever grabbing contraption, and (ii) regardless of whose hand it was, we did not see it acquire the seed. Oh, also: Valkuwolf!
Lost Girl S04E11 pic5
Tamsin demonstrates the other Heimlich manoeuvre.

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