Lost Girl E09 Recap: “Destiny’s Child”

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: The long-hidden identity of a major player is revealed and, suffice to say, The Wanderer is not who we thought he was. “Destiny’s Child” is an episode that exposes secrets, secrets and more secrets, as we finally get to the bottom of Trick’s reluctance to assist Bo in her travails, learn the exact nature of the black smoke, and learn about Tamsin’s original (and ages-old) mission. All this, and a death prophecy for a member of Bo’s crew — I don’t think you’re ready for this telly. If you have not yet seen "Destiny’s Child," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Following the revelation that the black smoke is a gaseous form of a Fae Crow named Hugin, who can teleport people Nightcrawler-style, Bo agrees to accompany the puckish man to confront his father: yep, The Wanderer. No one is surprised that it’s a trap set by Hugin and his brother, Munan, who have a personal, petty agenda that involves bringing new meaning to the phrase “a murder of crows.” She buys herself a temporary respite by going through a door that even the Crows won’t cross (it’s actually a fresh grave), which leads to the cavern home of the Oracle, and eater of wayward Fae, Leviathan. A riddle contest ensues wherein our hero handily disables “Levy” with an impossible-to-answer question: Does Bo truly love Dyson or Lauren?

Unfortunately, she does not escape the creature’s clutches with impunity: “I will see you again soon enough,” laughs the Leviathan. “Someone you love very much will soon be dead.” I smell a season finale!Lost Girl S04E09 pic2YOU… SHALL NOT… PASSSSSSSSSS!!!

Members of Team ValkuKenz are well-rewarded in this episode, as the ladies’ constant refusal to trust Trick pays off in dividends. Tamsin and Kenzi not only manage to unearth the inkpot that the Blood King uses to write, sometimes rewrite, history and the future — they also reveal a message for Tamsin in his book, which restores the Valkyrie’s don’t-mess-with-me makeup (IMO, RaSka rocks this look waaay better than Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner). At the same time, Trick gets to the bottom of Rainer/The Wanderer’s identity at the same time as learning (remembering, really) what is Tamsin’s true role in his ancient machinations.
Lost Girl S04E09 pic3The first rule of Book Club is: Everyone brings their own copy

The current season of Lost Girl has slowly come to the point where no character, and frankly no viewer, trusts Trick. This episode doesn’t so much apologise for his behaviour as explain it. With Dao-Ming’s “help” — scare quotes intentional, because (i) she’s reluctant, (ii) she’s vengeful, and (iii) she proceeds to put him through a gruelling-albeit-entertaining interrogation — Trick discovers that he himself placed memory blocks in his head. A flashback sequence to the time when Trick was clearly enjoying being Dark King puts two pieces of the puzzle into place. Rainer is more than just Rainer: he is Rainer The Defiant, a.k.a. The Wanderer. And Trick wrote him out of history. Ah, but he could not rewrite destiny: When Bo finally gets to the train and liberates Rainer The Defiant Welding Wanderer, she learns more about the man than Trick has revealed, inadvertently launching Team “RainBo,” an entirely new debate point among the Lost Girl community.
Lost Girl S04E09 pic4Special guest appearances this episode: King Arthur, The Lady in the Lake and Excalibur

Big points for Dark Doctor Lauren in this episode, who dons her lab coat full of “science stuff” — a baker’s dozen needles full of who knows what? — when she learns that Bo is in trouble. There’s some fun riposte between her and Dyson, too, each summarizing the other’s limits (him: wolf + gun; her: science + knife + brains). My money’s on one of Lauren’s needles being loaded with Wolfsbane… y’know, just in case. I’ll also point out that if you say “science stuff” and “science tough” out loud, they sound pretty much the same.
Lost Girl S04E09 pic5One false move and I will science-stuff these needles in your neck!

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Lost Girl "Waves" airs Sunday, January 19th at 10PM ET/PT.