Lost Girl 302: Tamsin, the Pied Piper, and an Alligator named Atticus

This week's episode (watch it HERE!) opened with Kenzi and Vex heading to an underground art festival, where it took Vex less than a minute (I timed it) to make some guy in an alligator costume so scared that he peed his pants.

This week's episode also opened with a Bo and Lauren sex scene, which I'm sure a lot of you enjoyed quite a bit.

Anyway, back to the art scene, where crazy things start happening. Not only do people, including Kenzi's friend Ozzie, start disappearing, but the alligator guy also gets murdered (which is even more embarrassing peeing your pants).

Alright: let's get to the new character, Tamsin, who's apparently Dyson's new partner (not to mention blonde, hot, and Dark Fae). Her first case with him? Investigating the strange happenings at the festival.

Meanwhile, Kenzi and Bo just won't leave things to the professionals, so they go down into the underground tunnels to investigate the disappearances by themselves. The first guy they run into eats live birds - never a good first impression. On the plus side, he leads them to some sort of lair where Fae live basically like zombies and eat people. Soon, they run into the leader of the operation, an Alligator Fae named Atticus (who's Dark as you may have guessed).

He's not a particularly savoury fellow, but he also has a tragic back story, as it turns out that a Man in Black (probably not Johnny Cash) forced him and his family to live underground, where his wife and child perished. The Alligator Fae wants sweet, sweet revenge, but he can't remember what the Man in Black actually looked like. He then throws Kenzi and Bo in a room that fills with gas, but in the next scene the pair somehow wakes up back at the clubhouse.

Later, Bo finally meets Tamsin, and it definitely seems like they just won't be getting along. To make things worse for Bo, Tamsin knows about the guy that Bo succubussed (not actually a word) to death in last week's premiere. I should probably mention that Dyson and Tamsin don't get along either, with Tamsin saying that 'when God was giving away brains Dyson took a second dick' - probably one of the best barbs yet. Dyson does admit that she's easy on the eyes though - definitely true.

In the next scene, that Ozzie guy that you may have forgotten about shows up at the clubhouse door, and has no recollection of being kidnapped. If that's not bad enough for him, he gets weak, dizzy, and starts bleeding. So, they bring him to a Weaver, who has the ability to see what haunts people (and has a hilarious crush on Trick). What she sees leads Bo and Kenzi to a shipping container at the port, which contains...

(insert dramatic pause)

...the people who disappeared at the festival, which Bo and Kenzi bring back to the police station. Tamsin thinks Atticus is behind it, but Bo disagrees (which doesn't exactly help their relationship).

Dyson's boss puts pressure on him to capture Atticus, but Dyson decides to use a power play and goes right to Hale. Unfortunately for Dyson, Hale wants to relocate all the underground Fae anyway, apparently to build a new subway.

Speaking of Dyson's boss, turns out he's not just an annoying paper-pusher but a powerful villain - surprise! He's actually the Pied Piper (although a very evil version of one) - otherwise known as the Man in Black to Atticus. The two of them meet in the sewers, which leads to one final fight...

In the final scenes we learn a couple things: Dyson and Tamsin's relationship is going to be complicated, Tamsin really, really has it out for Bo, and Bo has some serious things haunting her.

So, what did you think of Tamsin and last night's episode?