Vince Teagues

Vince Teagues (Richard Donat)

For decades, Vince Teagues and his brother Dave have been the owners and editors of the Haven Herald, Haven’s newspaper of record. They are the institutional memory of this town, having reported on or heard rumor of just about everything that’s happened here for a long, long time. But the Teagues are equally as dedicated to celebrating the seemingly mundane in Haven as they are to covering up the frightening truths of the town. Vince is compassionate, more thoughtful and more easily moved than his brother. He is given to introspection and sometimes harder to read—and there’s a hint of steely toughness hiding beneath his gentle demeanor. Sure, he’s dryly funny, but there’s something wise about him – even if he’s easily dragged into endless tit-for-tat quarrels by his brother. Vince works hand-in-hand with Dave in many ways…yet tensions are running high between them, more than ever before. Especially as it’s been revealed that Vince is the longtime leader of The Guard, a group of Troubled vigilantes dedicated to protecting their brethren—and their supernatural powers—at all costs.