Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant)

Nathan Wuornos is the wry local cop who became Audrey’s partner upon her arrival in Haven. Appointed the Chief of Police following the death of his father, Nathan approaches his work with a strong, quiet demeanor that often clashes with—and complements—Audrey's feisty nature. But he is also, like so many others in Haven, a “troubled” person. Nathan is afflicted with an inability to feel pain or even a touch. However, Nathan discovered that Audrey’s immunity to the mysterious troubles means that he can feel her touch—the only thing he’s felt in a long time—and he has come to love her deeply. Unfortunately, despite reciprocated feelings, this has put his life in danger, as the only “cure” for the Troubles is the death of the person Audrey Parker loves most—and by her own hands. Following her disappearance into the barn and with Haven’s troubles intensifying, Nathan will do whatever it takes to find Audrey and save the town he loves, even if that means sacrificing his life.