Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour)

Duke Crocker is Haven’s roguish jack-of-all-trades. A free spirit who lives on his boat, he’s the sort that will ferry cargo for anyone, legal or not, he just doesn’t want to know what’s inside. Duke’s only attachments to Haven seem to be his boat and The Grey Gull, his local bar where the town’s residents come to forget about their troubles… But Duke’s grown to feel a deep connection to Haven and his trusted friends Audrey and Nathan. Against his better judgment, Duke became involved in the “Troubles,” to the point that he discovered his own familial supernatural curse: when a Crocker kills a troubled person, they kill that trouble for the entire family line—and Duke’s family has been doing it for generations. Unwilling to submit to the fate that has plagued his ancestors, Duke fights against the Troubles alongside Nathan and Audrey. But when the Troubles don’t go away like they were supposed to, Duke finds himself even more entrenched in the struggle than ever…making this the worst possible time for a family reunion when his older brother Wade suddenly and mysteriously shows up at the Grey Gull.