Dave Teagues

Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth)

Along with his brother Vince, Dave Teagues is part of the firmament of Haven, having been around and seen it all for decades as co-owner and co-editor of the Haven Herald. Like Vince, Dave is also keenly aware of what is truly possible in this town, and together they have long helped to cover-up the Troubles and to keep up Haven’s appearance as just another idyllic seaside town. And yet, these two have as much interest in the supernatural as they do the supremely normal. If Vince has seemed to pick up some sort of quiet wisdom from their decades running the Haven Herald, Dave has instead come to live more in the moment. He finds a joy in his endless petty squabbles with his brother that Vince does not. But the bond between these brothers is breaking, as Vince finds himself under increased pressure from The Guard and Dave becomes aware of an ancient Micmac legend that could portend the end of Haven.