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The Path: The Miracle

In the Season 1 finale it was Christmas time for the Meyerists, but things were miserable at the Lane household.

The Path: A Room of One's Own

There's only one episode left in The Path's first season and so far, no Meyerist is happy. It'll be interesting to see what the finale has in store for us! But until then, the Episode 9 recap.

The Path: the Shore

This week Cal fell off the wagon, and with good reason.

The Path: Breaking & Entering

Tensions ran high in the Meyerist community this week, as Eddie and Sarah continued to disagree about their son, while Hawk grew closer to Ashley. Despite previous disagreements, Cal and Sarah's bond seemed to be growing stronger while Sean began to see the strange nature of Cal and Mary's relationship.

The Path: The Hole

We picked up where we left off last week, with Eddie digging the hole as part of his 7R training. After digging all night he saw a vision of Sarah and Cal making out, which was disturbing for all of us.