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Best Moments of The Magicians Season 2 Finale

Alas, our favourite fantasy show’s second season has come to an end and brought with it a whole lot of twists and turns and god killing.

The Best Sex Scenes in Season 2 of The Magicians

The Magicians isn’t just known for its cool special effects and exciting storylines and awesome folklore. It’s also known for its HOT make outs!

The Magicians - what we love most about the characters

Quentin, Eliot, Margo, Alice, Penny and Julia are a group of truly diverse and hilarious individuals.

The Baddest Bad Guys from Season 2 of The Magicians

Here’s a list of the finest offenders in thus far in season 2.

The Best Pop Culture References in Season 2 of The Magicians

There’s a bit of action as well and drama and even occasional sci-fi and who could forget the COMEDY?