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What’s the story with VR TV?

With Halcyon, Showcase's hybrid VR series, you can watch TV in virtual reality right now. Read what Global News, GeekChicElite and more say.

The Best Pop Culture References in Season 2 of The Magicians

There’s a bit of action as well and drama and even occasional sci-fi and who could forget the COMEDY?

The Funniest Moments in The Magicians Thus Far

Although The Magicians is mostly a fantasy drama there are tons of highly amusing and uproarious scenes in every single episode.

New contest: enter to win 1 of 12 VR headsets

Want to immerse yourself in the Halcyon VR experience? Visit our contest page to enter for a chance to win 1 of 12 Samsung Gear VR plus a code to download the Halcyon app for free.

Outlander Valentine's Day cards

Happy Valentine’s Day! Send that special person in your life a Valentine’s card, one worthy of Jamie and Claire’s love!