The Best Sex Scenes in Season 2 of The Magicians

The Magicians isn’t just known for its cool special effects and exciting storylines and awesome folklore. It’s also known for its HOT make outs! Also, its sensual lovemaking and fun sexual tension. Point is, it’s an erotic show and every character has had their sultry, horny, sweaty moment. Some have even had multiple sultry, horny, sweaty moments. With all of the evil slaying that they do, who wouldn’t need to do a little intercoursing and have a break from the intense battling? Makes total sense. They build up their energy while dishing out their spells and transporting their bods and being kings of other worlds and then they release all of that built up energy via kissing/rubbing/humping. Plus, it helps that the entire cast is super attractive. No wonder these characters can’t keep their hands off of each other. So, what are the best scenes involving kissing/rubbing/humping in season two The Magicians? Well, we have a few options.

Penny and Kady reuniting in the Brakebills library After not seeing each other for a long while and Penny thinking that he’d likely never smooch Kady ever again, you can only imagine how excited their genitals were when they had a chance meeting at Brakebills while Julia was getting asylum there. Penny looked shocked to lay eyes on his lover again and Kady got awkward as she attempted to say hello. But, quickly that shock and awkwardness morphed into fierce making out which then morphed into very steamy floor sex. These two are clearly meant to be and adore each other beyond just the physical stuff (even if they both refuse to admit it), so their scenes are filled with tender passion and loads of emotion.

Penny and Kady making love in Kady’s dreams Continuing on the Penny and Kady bandwagon, there was also the recent scene where they did the dirty in Kady’s subconscious aka her DREAMS. Since Penny is bound to that other library now until forever, they have to acquire their orgasms another way, that isn’t technically physical but IS metaphorically physical. That other way is Penny dipping into Kady’s brain while she snoozes and them having the ultimate wet dream. It’s a racy, supernatural interaction to witness!

Quentin and Emily doing some roleplaying with an illusion spell Speaking of racy supernatural interactions to witness, how about when Quentin gave up his magical ways for an episode and went to work in a mediocre office and met Emily, a former magician who accidentally turned Alice’s brother into a Niffin when her face went all weird after that spell didn’t go as planned. Well, within that episode there is quite the provocative scene between Q and his new friend, who like Quentin has a recently broken heart. So, to make them both feel better she suggests they use her illusion spell to take on the appearances of their exes who they still love real bad. Although, it’s kinda creepy, seeing “Alice” and Q kiss is arousing.

Eliot and his doppelganger getting down with their respective partners simultaneously In order to escape Fillory, Eliot needs to get himself an identical twin to stick around the castle while he heads back to Earth to hang with his friends and host parties like he’s never hosted before. With Margo’s help, they mold him a clone out of clay and Eliot returns to his home planet and immediately meets a good-looking gent who’s instantly ready to get naked with the King. The sexy times are going well until other Eliot wakes up in his bed and his female wife is by his side, making him present in both bodies and both situations. In order to continue having sex with the good-looking gent he also has to have sex with his wife back in Fillory. It’s a confusing sequence but also titillating. Eliot is so turned on by the hot man he gets his wife pregnant!

Margo proving to Prince Ess that she is NOT a virgin When Prince Ess of Loria arrives in Fillory with a list of demands, including getting half of the well-spring, Margo is surprised to hear that she’s one of them. He wants to wed the High Queen who he presumes is a virgin. Margo takes this as a serious insult and can’t believe that he would call her such a foil word. The cocky Prince continues to boast about his own skills in the bedroom and mocks Margo still assuming that she’s never gotten down and moved it all around. Boy, does she prove him wrong when she grabs hold of his crotch and moves it all around in the most erotic of ways. Prince Ess gets turned on real fast and so does every audience member.

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