The Magicians - what we love most about the characters

We all fell head over heels for our core cast of six magicians in the first season of The Magicians and then when the second season hit our love for them only grew more and more. Quentin, Eliot, Margo, Alice, Penny and Julia are a group of truly diverse, fascinating, brilliant, hilarious, POWERFUL individuals and we worship all of them for a wide variety of reasons and characteristics and styles and cute nervous habits. And here are just a few of those reasons.

What do we like about Quentin?

We like that his nickname is “Q” and that he rambles when he’s nervous. His unwavering love for Alice even after she becomes evil Niffin Alice is the the stuff that romantic comedies are made of. And the same unwavering love in the platonic sense applies to his bud Julia. No matter how much garbage she puts him through he’s still got her back. He believes there’s good in everyone and although that’s naive we find it endearing. We admire his compassion, empathy and general niceties. We also can’t get enough of his random bad jokes or his random good jokes. Or how about when he plays with his hair when he’s trying to communicate something important and very confusing? ADORABLE. Or how pumped he gets about travelling to Fillory? His childlike enthusiasm is the best. And his difficulty lying because he’s so damn honest about everything is highly entertaining to watch. He struggles not telling the truth and it’s AWESOME.

What do we like about Eliot?

Better question is, what DON’T we like about Eliot? ‘Cause he’s kinda perfect. His sense of humour and dry delivery of everything he says is definitely at the top of the list. Next would be his devotion and loyalty to his fellow magician-friends, especially Margo. When he gives them all crowns and says something complimentary about all of ‘em? Are you KIDDING me? His long hugs and forehead kisses warm our hearts. We are also into his obsession with Patrick Swayze and Les Miserables. We’re equally into his dislike of farming and being married to a woman (although he still treats her well because of course he does). His attraction to the majority of attractive men he encounters is attractive to us, not to mention his desire to be the best host of a party in history. Although nobody in Fillory seems to be able to make GOOD champagne he refuses to give up hope. He knows exactly what he wants and who he is and we love him for it.

What do we like about Julia?

Her determination and work ethic and “I’ll do anything to accomplish this goal” attitude is inspiring. Julia is going to stop Reynard somehow and even though she’s failed time and time again that hasn’t deterred her. She’s unstoppable! Like, she was rejected from Brakebills so she just found her Hedge Witches and worked her magic skills with them. We also commend her desire to do good in the world and make a difference, which unfortunately led to her accidentally summoning Reynard. Julia doesn’t have the best luck but again, that doesn’t get in her way. She’s incredibly brave too and tough and even with all of the pain she’s had to endure still manages to be calm and collected in the most dangerous and intense scenarios. She rarely looks frazzled. She was relaxed around The Beast even though she knew what he was capable of. We couldn’t get enough of that duo. And her taking charge most of the time is totally boss.

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What do we like about Margo?

Firstly, she’s hilarious. She maybe has the most LOL lines in the series and has genius comedic timing. And her wit is not polite. It is clever and biting and frank and too real. She does not hold back in her opinions or thoughts or commentary on what people are wearing. She will tell you precisely what she’s thinking whenever she thinks it and it’s refreshing and amazing to see. We applaud her outspoken, “I do what I want and I don’t care if you like it” vibe. We all wish we had Margo’s confidence, when it comes to our careers, our socializing, and our skills in the bedroom. When Prince Ess assumed she was a virgin she was not bashful about proving him wrong by demonstrating her talents. She does not change for anyone and that includes not changing her hair which is always impeccable. Her style deserves all of the praise as does her ruthlessness as Queen and her ability to take big risks without questioning herself. Can we get a “Ya, girl!”

What do we like about Alice?

Oh, Alice what a sweetheart she is when she’s not trying to kill people as a Niffin. You can’t help but smile when Alice smiles. Her delightful, nerdy, awkward personality pre-becoming consumed by magic makes you wanna be her best friend. We applaud her for being a diligent perfectionist who has higher standards than anyone we know and who wants to always do the bestest job she can. She gets so anxious when she makes a tiny mistake and it only makes us like her more. We love that she loves horses. We love that she loves summer dresses. We love that she loves Quentin even after he kinda cheats on her when he’s under that sex spell. We love how amazing she is at magic and how modest she is about her brilliance. She’s also a fearless leader and clearly demonstrates that by sacrificing herself in order to kill The Beast and save her friends’ lives. Plus, her badassery as the Niffin showed a different, fascinating side of her.

What do we like about Penny?

Penny is definitely the most rough-around-the-edges magician of the group and that’s what we love about him! His jokes are crude and blunt and always make us chuckle and gasp. He swears a lot and yells a lot and does NOT tolerate being treated badly by anyone (except maybe a woman he wants to sleep with). He’s pretty stubborn but not in a negative way. He sticks by his guns and doesn’t allow himself to be pushed around. We respect his bravado and his raw emotion and his intensity for life in general. We also respect his chest revealing shirts and very hot bod. No wonder Kady is into him and no wonder he’s into her as well. They are kind of the most attractive couple that ever coupled and his undying affection for Kady is to DIE for. We adore that he’s a super romantic guy and a softie underneath all of those muscles. And even though he gives Quentin and his friends a hard time, he secretly couldn’t live without them.

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