The Baddest Bad Guys from Season 2 of The Magicians

The first season of The Magicians introduced some horrific/amazing antagonists who we all had a real love/hate relationship with. Like any fantasy series, you want the heroes to win but you also simultaneously want the villains to do their worst and strut their stuff for as long as possible before the heroes win. ‘Cause typically the more destruction a character is doing the more fascinated we are with that character. Also, villains tend to be pretty darn comical and keep us laughing as they pillage the earth. A couple of our fave evildoers returned and we even got to know a few new mean scoundrels. Here’s a list of the finest offenders in thus far in season 2.

The Beast aka Martin Chatwin aka the guy in the suit with the moth face Nobody will ever be as villainous as the most villainous man in Fillory. The master magician who was once a victim of cruelty himself as a child has now vowed to destroy and destroy and destroy again to deal with his issues. Instead of going to therapy, he decides to transform Fillory into a hellhole and uses the magical wellspring to do so. Although Ember stops the draining of the spring by taking a dump in it (the place does look like an outhouse after all) the Beast does tons of damage prior anyhow, including killing the Brakebills’ kids before Alice resurrects them, almost killing Quentin, and contributing to Alice’s sort of final demise. In order to eviscerate him, she had to be consumed by magic and then Quentin had to eviscerate her. The Beast wasn’t all bad though. Remember when he was nice to Julia for a bit and assisted in the plan to take out Reynard? Also his SINGING and DANCING and LOVE OF BALL PITS? I mean, he’s kind of the best. Also, who could resist a well-dressed man with a beautiful head of really pretty moths.

The terrifying trickster god Reynard Unlike The Beast, Reynard has zero redeeming qualities. He’s a walking, talking torture chamber and does what he does just to see the world burn, or more accurately to see his chosen targets weep, which are always women. His storyline has become an analogy in the show for the real world issue of violence against women and it’s an incredibly important conversation to have. The emotional and physical pain that Julia experiences is sadly relatable to so many females. Reynard doesn’t sing or dance or play in ball pits. He just kills and assaults and bites off fingers for dinner. It’s a truly disturbing site to watch and every time he appears onscreen in Richard’s body every viewer collectively shivers in response. His scary glowing eyes and the continuous blood dripping from his mouth doesn’t help with the shivering.

The new and magically improved Niffin Alice Although nothing has been confirmed that the current Alice who’s chilling in Quentin’s back is hurting anyone and technically she didn’t manage to murder Eliot or Margo or Q, the girl is definitely up to no good. She’s got some naughty secret going on and we can’t wait to find out what it is. In the meantime, the sarcastic, quirky, perpetually annoyed Niffin Alice has been extra hilarious in the last couple of episodes. Don’t get me wrong. We loved normal, sweet human Alice too but it’s never not awesome when a character has a major metamorphosis and we get to see an actor totally switch up their performance. Also, her relationship with Quentin via Quentin’s mind has become very endearing and very entertaining. We hope she sticks around!

The super horny/hot/hate-filled Prince Ess He not only has a hysterical name he also has an attractive face. The best combination in our opinion. But, the Lorian Prince has more to offer than just his hysterical name and attractive face. He’s also extremely ambitious and vengeful and sexist. As Margo says after he demands that Fillory give Loria half of the wellspring and that she marry him as well, the guy is arrogant and doesn’t understand consent. He’s also a huge liar. He claims that he transported the Fillory castle to Loria but he actually just cast an illusion outside to make it look like they were in Loria surrounded by penis-like rocks. When this is discovered, Margo lets loose on the misogynist, especially since she already had sex with him to prove her non-virgin bedroom skills and pseudo agrees to marrying him. Instead though she declares war. No man messes with Margo.

The petty volunteer attendant at the Chatwin Torrent He only makes a brief appearance in the show but the river attendant, who’s not formerly an employee of the healing torrent yet considers it a passion project, does causes some lasting harm against Penny’s hands. He curses Penny after the magician refuses to tip the greedy guy who provided him handy instructions (pun intended) which included sewing his parts together before taking the plunge. At first this seemed like a minor little kerfuffle that would be solved in an episode or two but as the season progresses Penny’s problem only becomes worse. After he finally manages to lift the curse he loses his casting abilities as well. Damn. Karma is real, man.

Those invisible demons that were trying to murder Julia When Kady approaches the pair of lady butchers who want to exorcise the demigod from Julia’s uterus she didn’t realize that angry, imperceptible killing machines would come along with it. One of the lady butchers didn’t like the idea of aborting the fetus and instead chooses to send her gaseous minions to end Julia and her offspring. This results in some pretty amazing scenes where Julia is being thrown about by, well, nothing. It’s like a classic spooky horror film and the weirdest part is the unseen executioners use wooden spoons in battle. Talk about memorable.

Bayler, one of the Fillorian United Fighter otherwise known as the FU Fighters Margo asking Eliot if Bayler just called himself a Fu Fighter was one of the funniest moments this season and listening to Bayler very seriously repeat the words Fu Fighter was even funnier. But, funny-ness aside this dude is one major asshole. Not only did he try to assassinate Eliot he’s also Fen’s ex-boyfriend and threatens to blackmail her if she doesn’t gather confidential information about the High King and report back to the Fighters of FU. Since Fen was formerly one of them she’s in quite the sticky situation. Although she revokes her FU membership he doesn’t take no for an answer. Luckily, Eliot decides to be diplomatic and instead of executing Bayler for the assassination thing he asks for his help in fixing the problems of their little world.