The Funniest Moments in The Magicians Thus Far

Although The Magicians is mostly a fantasy drama there are tons of highly amusing and uproarious scenes in every single episode. Viewers laugh and laugh before they cry and cry and we return to the death and the tragedy and the fighting with violent, scary gods. Eliot and Margo and Penny are for sure the main vehicles for comic relief but even old Quentin has made the audience cackle and the guest characters who are introduced every week always bring a couple of excellent jokes and goofy quirks along with them. Here are our fave LOL moments thus far:
  1. Eliot reenacting Dirty Dancing and becoming Patrick Swayze
    In the very first episode of the season we got to watch maybe the most epically entertaining scene in the entire season. In order to be crowned King of Fillory, Eliot quotes none other than legendary Patrick Swayze to please the Knight of Crowns who guards the royal titles and who is a fan of retro 80s/90s trivia and Patrick Swayze. Eliot of course casts Alice as Baby and puts on an Oscar winning performance that ultimately gets him a crown that he doesn’t want to keep.

  2. Eliot being the King of Shit
    Speaking of Eliot getting a crown, one of his major accomplishments as King of Fillory is working his non-magic to make the crops in his realm begin growing again since his citizens are starving and Mother Fillory isn’t doing her job. Luckily for his people, Eliot grew up on a farm (something he does not like to discuss because it literally makes him want to vomit) thus he knows exactly what the solution is and the solution is shit. Specifically sprinkling shit around. Although everyone is skeptical he proves them wrong when bam food rises from the manure.

  3. The god Ember taking a big, smelly dump in the wellspring
    Speaking of shit, the eccentric god Ember did one of those himself and like Eliot he was using his excrement to do good. In order to prevent the Beast from draining the wellspring, re-energizing himself and killing our cast, Ember sauntered over and used the wellspring more like an outhouse. His bowel movement was so stinky that the Beast couldn’t go near the loaf.

  4. The Centaur surgeons and their tendency to poo whenever
    Speaking of shit AGAIN, there was also a very funny exchange between Penny and one of those Centaur doctors. After Penny requested that the half-horse, half-man fix his rebellious hands, the creature explained that he cannot because he fears that the curse would spread to him. As he explained this, he casually took a crap because he’s a horse and why not? Also, another funny line is uttered by Margo about the Centaur who she says has the “biggest dick”.

  5. The whole ongoing saga of Penny’s disobedient fingers, palms, and wrists
    Speaking of Penny’s rebellious hands, those wild body parts seem to be his main storyline this season as he attempts over and over again to solve the issue and lift the curse. First, after visiting the Chatwin Torrent and pissing off the river attendant who casts a rude spell on him, his hands go crazy and continue going crazy for several episodes. This results in some comical physical gags involving flailing arms, unintentional fist fights, and Penny trying to strangle himself. Then Quentin chops off Penny’s hands which includes a hilarious scream fest and then they wander through the forest high after doing the chopping. Also the memorable Professor Mayakovsky forcing Penny to drink hard liquor in exchange for hand-fixing is also SO hysterical.

  6. Eliot, Alice, Margo, and Quentin wanting to seriously murder each other
    While Penny was dealing with his curse, his four buds were dealing with their own curses which arrived when they sat on their thrones. Apparently, way back in the day the Beast did some voodoo on the fancy chairs in Fillory and this resulted in four of our five main cast members trying to vanquish one another. This also results in some laugh out loud dialogue and a ridiculous fight between Margo and Quentin and a bow and arrow. But it’s not Quentin who ends up using the weapon. It’s heroic Penny who fires off the arrow directly into Margo’s bottom.

  7. The horny pixie Bigby who can’t quit talking about sexy times
    When the Brakebills kids needed some battle magic to take down the Beast because Julia grabbed that cool knife to control him for her own purposes, they headed to the house of a former professor. A professor who used to teach battle magic but was fired when it was outlawed on campus. Not only is the previous Brakebills employee witty and charming and a pixie, she’s also quite sex-positive and always manages to bring the conversation back to orgasms, making out, and bare butts, especially with her once upon a time lover Dean Fogg.

  8. Prince Ess thinking that Margo is a virgin
    Speaking of sexy times, in the latest episode there was a super adorable and comical interaction between the prince of Loria who is unfortunately named Prince Ess and Queen of Fillory Margo. The prince wants to marry the “VIRGIN” Margo and her reaction to this statement is utterly perfect. She’s very confused by this assumption but also kind of insulted. This results in her wanting to prove how much of a not-virgin she is by having amazing sex with Prince Ess.

  9. Quentin working in a real boring office for a hot minute
    After Alice dies and Quentin can’t revive her, for one episode he decides he wants to give up magic forever and return home and live a mundane life. Dean Fogg gets Q a job in the most mundane office you could imagine which includes an annoying, overly confident coworker. Quentin is perplexed by this dude coworker using the coffee machine to make soup. He’s even more perplexed when the guy asks him if he’s working late so he can masturbate in his office.

  10. The man who tries to kill Elliot proclaiming that he’s a Fu Fighter
    Eliot is almost assassinated in his castle by his new wife Fen’s ex-lover Bayler, who is a member of the Fillorian United Fighters aka the FU FIGHTERS. Margo is obviously the first to point out the hilarity of this name but the joke goes way over Bayler’s head. Listening to him intensely repeat the term Fu Fighter and not realizing how funny it is makes it even funnier.

  11. The Beast singing non-stop and annoying Julia non-stop
    We all adored the Beast’s musical numbers in season one and they’ve only gotten better in the second season because now we get to see Julia become increasingly more frustrated with her new partner in crime as he belts out the classics and transports himself around the city to create a montage like sequence. Also, that scene with him and Julia having a heart to heart at the kids play place literally inside a ball pit as children goof off around them is meaningful AND real silly.

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