What we know about Outlander Season 3 so far.

Outlander Season 3 has been in production for some time now, and we keep getting little snippets of information as they trickle out. Here's what we know so far...

1. It will cover Diana Gabaldon's Voyager

This is a given, considering the other two seasons have covered one book each, respectively, and this season will be no different. Starting off where we left Claire, finding out that Jamie was alive, the next season will follow the events of Diana's third book in the Outlander series. I haven't read the books, but I'm sure this will let a lot of you book readers know exactly what's going to happen in Season 3! So exciting!

2. We're getting new characters

There have been a plethora of casting announcements for Season 3, leading us to believe we'll be introduced to quite a few new and exciting characters within the Outlander universe. While I'm excited to see my old favourites again, I'm also intrigued by the idea of fresh new faces to meet in Season 3.

3. It will be starting where we left off

If you haven't read the books, then you're like me, and have no idea what's to come in terms of plot, but we do know this: Season 3 is starting where Season 2 left off, with Claire deciding to go back through the stones at Craigh na Dun.

4. We'll get to see old characters again

Some of our favourites will be returning, if not in the form we're used to. Remember: years have passed, and Fergus won't be a little boy anymore when Claire returns. We will hopefully get to see all of the people we've missed during the Droughtlander. We'll get to see the fates of our friends back in the past, and see if they survived.

4. We will be getting a Season 4

Outlander has been guaranteed for a fourth season on top of the one they're producing right now, so we know that after this year, there's even more of Jamie and Claire waiting for us. I for one am exceedingly happy about this news. You can never have too much Outlander.

The Outlander team likes to keep things hush hush, so we don't know too much, but what we do know is exciting. I'm already waiting for the new season, and I've been rewatching the previous ones in the meantime. You should catch up, considering Season 2 is now on DVD!

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