The Path: The Miracle

The Path has finished its season 1 run and I'm not sure what to think about the finale. While I didn't expect full resolution on all fronts, especially in light of a season 2 renewal, I thought we might have seen Cal unmasked or Silas' body found. But that's not to say it was devoid of a surprise - especially the ending. So let's dig into what happened.

It was Christmas time for the Meyerists (do we know if they actually believe in Christmas by the way?). But despite the festive nature of the season, things were miserable at the Lane household. Eddie officially left the family home to stay in a crappy hotel without his wife or his kids, all of whom still loved him. Summer had a particularly hard time understanding that Eddie's departure would mean he would not be in the Garden with them in the future. What a crappy way for Hawk to spend his 16th birthday. On the official Meyerist front, Richard spoke with Sarah and Eddie about Eddie's departure. He wanted Eddie to sign an official denier declaration but Eddie refused because it would mean no access to his kids. Sarah pulled rank over Richard's 7R with her 8R so no one signed anything. Sarah even agreed to let Eddie see the kids on Sundays, which I thought was generous considering how cold she'd been recently.

In another depressing compound room, Alison was hauled up and still upset. She confessed to Richard she believed now that Jason killed himself. That he'd filled so many pages of his journal obsessing over the light and climbing the ladder that he'd do it "even if it killed him." That's a logical explanation for the burns on his hands that Abe found in his coroner's report, but why was his cause of death a fall from a mountain? And what about the cancer drug trial he was interested in? I'm now starting to wonder about weird things like: did Steve sacrifice Jason's life in an attempt to heal his own cancer? As we've never been told what kind of cancer Steve had, if it was pancreatic Jason could have been pursuing that avenue for him. But then what caused Jason's dissent into madness afterwards? Or was the journal even real? We could assume Alison would have recognized his handwriting, but how do we know for sure?

the-path-blog-110aApparently once you're a denier you're not allowed back, but Cal appeared in Alison's room/cell later, brought her into the dining hall and welcomed her back in front of everyone. Cal was also busy preparing the last three rungs that "Steve" wrote and insisted that Steve was coming to the reveal. I was curious how he was going to explain this, perhaps chalk it up to a last-minute cancellation. But his actual explanation was pretty ridiculous. He claimed that Steve had decided to leave the Earth, transcend human form and become light, so he was always around them. And they believed him! Come on! Sarah called Felicia when she still hadn't heard from Silas and Felicia mentioned that Cal had been missing the night Silas' idol doll appeared on Sarah's desk. When she asked Cal about it, he claimed he was on a bender. Sarah later asked Isaiah the security guard about Cal's whereabouts and he claimed to have helped Cal into a cab after finding him drunk. Too slow Sarah, Cal got to him first!

Sean and Mary prepared to get married. Because, that's a great idea. Sean's parents visited the compound and Sean's father was visibly displeased about all of it. His mother, however, tried to be open-minded given that she'd already lost a child and realized she didn't have all the answers herself. She had a heartfelt conversation with Mary and gave Mary her wedding veil. Mary started to panic because of the kind gesture and feared she wasn't a good person. She went to Cal and said she wanted to be with someone who really knew her, even the dark parts of her. With that, Cal gave in and spent the night with her. Which might make you think that the wedding was off but no, it went ahead. I don't understand the decisions people make on this show!

In his crappy hotel room Eddie had something new to worry about – he’d begun hallucinating. Mostly snakes, then dead birds. He reached out to Richard, wondering if he might be going crazy but when Richard started spouting rhetoric about the light Eddie kicked him out. Abe called Eddie as he was awaiting his daughter’s surgery and apologized for lashing out at him during their last conversation. This prompted Eddie to visit the hospital where Abe’s cover was almost blown but his wife maintained his story last minute. Eddie told Abe he’d left the movement in what I had hoped would be a jumping-off point for them to talk about all the things that were wrong with the movement but alas, it didn’t happen. Despite no longer believing Eddie prayed for Abe’s daughter Lucy because it couldn’t hurt to try. Whether it helped or not, Lucy’s vessel closed on its own and no longer needed open heart surgery, a true Christmas miracle – and that wasn’t the only one…

Eddie’s hallucinations continued and his concerns took him to Peru; apparently everyone in Meyerism can fly there and back in no time at all. Eddie explored the Peru grounds in tandem with Cal giving a speech to the movement that celebrated Hawk taking his vows (although his expression seemed doubtful), Alison’s return to the fold and Sean and Mary’s wedding. Despite her doubts Sarah had agreed to stand beside Cal and continue the movement together, but made clear that nothing romantic would happen between them. Cal was obviously crushed but kept his familiar mask to hide his true pain. Sarah’s belief in Cal became short-lived though, when Mary’s father summoned her to the front gates to discuss with a “woman who understands” the price of them taking her daughter. At first Sarah wrote him off as disgusting (which he is!) but turned back when Mary’s father referenced seeing Cal the night the protestors had been out front – the night Cal was supposed to have been in a cab heading home. Mary’s father confirmed he saw Cal driving away and looked like a man running from something. This prompted Sarah to breaking into Cal’s office, guess his password (her name) and realize Cal had written the rungs. Clearly caught, Cal told her Steve was dying of cancer and that he had to keep the movement going. When he asked her if she would expose him she said no, as it was too late for that as he was too beloved but she would have to think of something else. Although she may not have to, Cal’s lies might be revealed sooner than either of them know. Because Eddie saw more dead birds while approaching Steve’s room where the hospital bed was empty. At first I wondered if Cal had taken it upon himself to finish the job and killed Steve, taking his body elsewhere – but the actual reveal was much more interesting. Eddie turned to see Steve standing and looking at him from a few feet away. Whoa!

Is Steve cured? Is that the Miracle? What did Steve sacrifice to save his own life? Did he kill Jason? How will Cal explain Steve transcending into light if he shows up in New York suddenly? Will Steve agree with what Cal has done? When is someone going to discover Silas’ body? Will Sarah’s discovery about Cal’s deceit send her back to Eddie? Will Alison become another blissful believer, or will her doubts resurface? Will we ever know what happened to Jason, and if not, what is the point of Abe’s role in the series? So far the investigation has been a bit of a non-starter. What did you think of the season finale of the Path? Will you return for season 2?