The Path: the Shore

Boy did I pick the wrong week to go on vacation! Last week’s episode ramped things up! Mary manipulated Betsy's romantic interest in to gain access to drugs, Cal caught Eddie and Alison together, Hawk continued his sex marathon with Ashley, and Sarah stepped up as an inspiring leader to the movement while Cal was occupied - occupied doing what? Killing Silas! If nothing else, episode 7 taught us it’s never ok to call the leader of a cult an "alcoholic salesman" while he’s holding a half broken vase.

Now that we’ve caught up on the major points of the last week’s episode, let’s talk about this week. Cal fell off the wagon, and with good reason, as I doubt by his reaction he’d ever killed anyone before. Nevertheless, he cleaned himself up, wrapped Silas in a blanket and hauled his body into one of the tiny compact cars the Meyerists are so fond of. Cal took a huge risk and drove passed the protestors, police and media that were outside the gates monitoring their involvement in the Honduran immigrant situation. But he did encounter someone along the way: Mary’s father. Who asked in all his classy glory how much Cal was going to pay him for his daughter. Despite my issues with Cal, I have to admit I loved his response: “The next time I see you, I finish the job.” So badass and given his recent murderous tendencies he might do just that. In the woods Cal dragged Silas’s body with much difficulty (which I appreciated, in other shows they make it seem so easy!) to the convenient hole Eddie dug a few episodes back. However, on his way Cal left drag marks and if it doesn’t snow in New York soon, someone’s going to stumble upon what he did.

After he cleaned himself up a second time, Cal went to DC and asked Sean to return to the compound. Then went to Sarah’s house and asked for help. I’m not sure how Cal drove around and accomplished all he did with so much alcohol in his system, but perhaps that could be attributed to adrenaline. Nevertheless, Cal stayed with Sarah and Summer while Hawk and Eddie were still off doing the walk. He shook and retched through the night much to Summer’s dismay but Sarah took a tender approach to him as always.

Bill and Felicia returned last episode when they’d heard that Cal took in the Honduran immigrants, which they felt was a mistake as it had drawn unwanted attention to their doorstep. While Sarah had initially been against Evelyn and her children staying she realized Cal made the right decision and spoke passionately about it to the movement who sided with her. Back to this week, Felicia spoke to Sarah about possible changes in leadership forthcoming and made her distrust of Cal apparent once more. Does anyone trust the guy they let control basically everything? Felicia implored Sarah to look past her special relationship with Cal and suggested she might take on a leader role in the future. Sarah said she would, but little did Felicia know, later in that episode Cal and Sarah would be making out! Cal really can multi-task.

Normally members of the movement don’t take the walk in the middle of winter, but Cal insisted Eddie go lest he tell Sarah about Alison. When Sarah questioned why Cal wanted Eddie to go, Eddie claimed it was part of the truths unveiled between him and Cal during the 7R training. After being semi-dumped by Ashley because her mother disapproved of the movement and she re-located to the YWCA, Hawk felt lost all over again. He pleaded with Eddie to accompany him on the walk. Their walk began at an Army base in Maryland, where Stephen Meyer was a solider but left it behind and discovered spiritual enlightenment.

While Eddie and Hawk walked, they spoke about Eddie’s past and when he joined the movement. Eddie admitted he never had the "aha" moment with his beliefs that others had but he believed in the power of Sarah. I thought he might admit the doubts he was having to his son, but Eddie stuck with the Miranda Frank story when Hawk pressed about it. Their journey took them off course to Brighton Beach, a place where Eddie spent happy times with his brother. Eddie had visions of him there. It seemed to me that both father and son were discovering the outside world wasn’t so bad. For Hawk, it was a world he’d never known and for Eddie it was one he’d forced himself to forget after losing his brother. Eddie seemed to hide his pain behind belief, but never really dealt with his feelings within. Hawk confessed he loved Ashley, despite their age and he now felt lost. Eddie found a payphone and encouraged him to call her, to follow his heart despite what it might mean for the movement because Ashley wasn't a believer. While we didn’t hear much of their conversation, Hawk did say, “I miss you too,” which means we likely haven’t seen the last of Ashley.

Sarah had some disturbing dreams about her children getting hit by a truck, but upon impact they turned into a strange medusa-like figure which resembled one of late Silas' clay idols of Pachamama, the Incan earth goddess. The very same idol that appeared on Sarah's desk right after Cal killed Silas. Did Silas leave it there? Is anyone going to start to wonder where he is? I assumed Silas left it for Sarah, but maybe not?

Sarah discussed the dream with her mother while they waited for Nicole, who was in labour, to give birth in her living room. Sarah’s mom wondered if the dream symbolized that Sarah was holding back from taking on a leadership role (which seemed to be what everyone was saying this episode, so it must be true). Once Nicole snapped their attention back to her with a few choice swear words, they helped deliver the baby. Cal had arrived a few minutes earlier and looked on as the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Sarah quickly revived the newborn with CPR. Afterwards while washing up, Cal professed his awe of her and the two began to really go at it – who knew child delivery could be so sexy? When Sarah came to her senses and pulled away, Cal admitted he had something to tell her. I really thought he might come clean about what he did to Silas, but that was not the case. Cal simply tattled on Eddie about lying to Sarah. She seemed to know deep down this was the case and Cal’s words confirmed it. Sarah started searching through Eddie’s things and found his burner cell in the glovebox of his car. I predict in the next episode she calls up Alison for some answers.

The compound was declared a protective space, keeping the immigrants safe. The outside attention seemed to subside and the movement drew applause for Sarah and her efforts. Meanwhile, Sean returned to a desperately happy Mary who tried to flush her stash upon her boyfriend’s return but couldn’t do it – she’s officially using again. But what will she do when her stash runs out if Betsy finds out she’s back with Sean? Or will Mary continue to sleep with both people in order to get what she thinks she wants?

Off base, Abe and his wife were invited to dinner with his boss and was told the Meyerist case was being handed off to Homeland Security after all the media attention around the immigrant situation. Abe was angry that politics were getting involved and likely nothing would happen to the Meyerists, whom he believed killed Steven Kemp, and stormed out. Perhaps he’ll continue to investigate off the books? But will he still have a job?

Only two episodes left of the season! What will Sarah do when she finds out about Eddie? Will his faith ever be restored? Or will the walk only indicate to him that he doesn’t belong with the movement? Will Hawk choose Ashley and leave the movement as well? Will Cal be able to win over Sarah before he unravels completely? What did you think of “The Shore?”