The Path: Breaking & Entering

Tensions ran high in the Meyerist community this week, as Eddie and Sarah continued to disagree about their son, while Hawk grew closer to Ashley. Despite previous disagreements, Cal and Sarah's bond seemed to be growing stronger while Sean began to see the strange nature of Cal and Mary's relationship. Let's recap!

While Cal received care after last week's beating, Sarah came to see him. She felt responsible, but he assured her otherwise. Cal took her hand and they shared a loaded moment between them. Much later, Cal was back to business, on his way to see a "denier" and Eddie offered to go along. When Eddie questioned their expedition, Cal explained that "the higher you climb, the more the movement asks of you," which seemed quite ominous. They went to a cheap motel room and Cal started rummaging through the contents. Eddie found Alison hiding as best she could next to a chair on the balcony and covered for her. When he questioned what they were doing there Cal justified the search based on the face Alison had stolen forty thousand dollars from the movement. A little fact she'd previously neglected to mention.

Meanwhile at Ashley's house defying his parents once more, Ashley and Hawk made out. When she offered to remove her shirt, he became hesitant to take things further. Ashley told him she wanted Hawk to come clean to his parents and make things "real" between them. But their conversation was interrupted by the cops knocking on the door. They forced Ashley's family to evacuate because Ashley's mother, Meg, hadn't been able to pay the mortgage. Hawk brought Ashley's family to the compound, he found Sarah praying in the chapel and asked for her help to support them. He also awkwardly asked Sarah to be low key about the movement, which Sarah didn't love.

Abe and his wife treated their daughter's condition with a breathing machine. They were trying medication before pursuing the surgical option. Abe had faith their daughter would improve because he "saw the light." I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, maybe he's starting to really believe? When his wife asked if he was using their baby's health to get in with the cult, Abe lied and said no.

At the Lane house, Sarah and Ashley's mother, Meg had a hard time adjusting to each other. Things got more awkward as Hank smoked sacred herb before dinner and cousin Joy acted all judgey and superior around Ashley's family. Apparently the machine they all keep attaching to their heads is for electro stimulation - for their immune system - sure, that makes sense. Sarah's brother had been helping to track down Alison, but she hadn't returned to her hotel room. He questioned why Alison would stay only 2 miles away from the movement and Cal believed she wanted help. He was right in a way, but not the kind of help Cal would be offering.

Later that night, Cal went to see Mary but interrupted her with Sean. Despite the way he acted towards her last week, Mary seemed eager as ever to please him. Cal claimed he came to see Sean and offered him a job heading up a Meyerist office in Delaware. Sean was caught off guard, but reluctantly agreed. Later, when he was packing to go, Mary offered to go with him. Sean was angry because he suspected something was going on between Cal and Mary and that was part of the reason he was being sent away. (I'm inclined to agree). When Mary was dismissive about what had happened between her and Cal previously. She told him when she looked into the light she saw Sean, but he was having none of it and stormed away, leaving her behind.

Eddie told Sarah about the hotel rummaging, despite Cal asking him to keep it between them. He wondered if Cal would ever hurt anyone but Sarah said no but she questioned Cal later about his methods. Cal tried to rationalize it based on the forty thousand dollars they lost, but Sarah was quick to dismiss it, telling him "her husband killed himself, screw the money." Later, Sarah went to see her mother for the key to the "denier" filing cabinet. Where they apparently keep all relevant information, addresses, etc on deniers. Because that's not creepy. When Sarah pulled Alison's file, she also discreetly took her sister Tessa's file with her. Despite being gone from the movement for 20 years, they still knew where she was. Sarah parked out front of her house and saw Tessa leave for the day with her 2 young kids. I'm not really sure how she was able to just walk in Tessa's front door afterwards, I guess Tessa forgot to lock it? But Sarah wandered through the house: looking at the family photos, in their fridge, used their bathroom, put on some of Tessa's lipstick, but became displeased when she saw how many pill bottles were prescribed to Tessa in their medicine cabinet.

Eddie met with Alison and she thanked him for not ratting her out to Cal. She admitted to stealing the money, it was left in their account after Jason died so she used it. Eddie asked Alison if the Meyerists were good people doing good things for this world? Alison wasn't sure, but she said she knew that Jason had been good. Eddie admitted he was trying, but hadn't been able to shake his doubts. When Eddie told her to get out of town (that seems to be the universal message for Alison) she explained she couldn't leave because she brought Jason into the community and was responsible for what happened to him.

Abe went to Jason's parent's house and spoke to them about their son. They'd lost their son when he joined the movement, they were considered IS - Ignorant Systemites. He wouldn't speak to them, until he called a month before his death and asked for a doctor's phone number. His father had hope that Jason was getting out, not wanting to push too hard, but a month later he was dead. Abe called the doctor that Jason had been looking for and found out he was interested in a drug used in a clinical trial for patients with 4th stage pancreatic cancer. He didn't say who he wanted the drug for, but the doctor made clear it would cost a lot of money for Jason to get.

Eddie told Cal that he wouldn't do what they did at the motel room again, and surprisingly Cal agreed. Cal admitted that since he was new to leadership he would make mistakes sometimes. When Sarah returned home from her breaking and entering of her estranged sister's home, she lied to Eddie and claimed she was held up at work. However, upon her return Sarah was more aggressive than ever about Hawk's recent behaviour and didn't listen to Eddie when he attempted to calm her.

Meg told her story about their financial misfortune and her husband's drunk driving at the Lane family dinner table. Sarah got up on her soap box a little bit when she told Meg that alcoholism is a "systemites disease." When Meg explained she wasn't very religious, Sarah curtly replied "that's why you're alone now." Pretty intense words at the dinner table to the lady with the dead husband. The next day, Ashley and her family joined the Lane's at chapel. During Cal's sermon he discussed living forever in the garden, for those who chose shadows would be lost to flood and fire. This was particularly upsetting to Ashley, who walked out abruptly. Hawk went after her and Sarah was prevented from following them by Eddie. Ashley told Hawk how much she hated organized religion, and while Hawk said they weren't a religion, he admitted didn't know what was real anymore. When Ashley insisted that he was real to her, they took their passion into one of the Meyerist vans to suddenly have sexy time.

At the posts-chapel gathering, Sarah's sister in law Nicole, told Meg she found her a job at her dentist's office. Meg was pleased, but does the job offer still stand if they don't convert to the movement? Sam (Abe) asked Eddie how long Steven had been away writing the last three rungs of the ladder, Eddie seemed to realize it had been a while which seemed to raise his suspicions. Eddie looked on at Sarah and Cal together and was reminded of his vision, then left the gathering and Sam behind.

Have Eddie's doubts grown further? What will Sarah and Eddie do when/if they find out Hawk had sex with Ashley? Will Tessa somehow discover Sarah had been in her home? What was Jason really doing for the Meyerist movement? Will Alison get justice for her husband? Will Eddie' vision of Sarah and Cal come true? What did you think of this week's episode of the Path?