Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 106: Thanksgiving Fam Jams

This week, Rebecca wrangles an invite to Josh’s Thanksgiving fam jam to see if she can win over his family and drive a fatal wedge between Josh and Valencia. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise read on for the most cringe-worthy Thanksgiving moments of the episode.

Rebecca is still thrilled after last week, when Josh announced that he is VERY attracted to her.

And while Josh may like her, Valencia definitely still does not.
Hey Valencia

Paula is determined to win Josh for Rebecca, and sleuths Rebecca an invite to Josh's Filipino Thanksgiving fam jam.

Paula also arms Rebecca with an all seeing, all hearing owl brooch through with she can spy on her with.

So, Rebecca sets forth to win over Josh, by winning over his parents, by giving "good parent".

Needless to say, Josh's family loves her.

But Valencia takes her aside to let her know that her plan won't work, because while parent's love brown-nosers, men like women like Valencia. Oh, and also that the food is going to massively mess with her digestive system.grossfood

Which it does.

From inside the washroom, Rebecca overhears Valencia and Josh fighting about her.

But the fight immediately turns into Thanksgiving sex in the guest room.

Rebecca decides to race home, but can't get out before having to see Josh propose a move-in relationship to Valencia.

So Rebecca heads home to deal with her stomach pain, and the holiday, alone.

In the end, it is Greg who comes through and helps fulfill her Thanksgiving family needs by bringing over tacos, tequila and Netflix.

Which she honestly cannot believe she is eating.
But she winds up having a great time anyway.

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