Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 104: Unhealthy Choices

Rebecca decides she is going to change up her lifestyle with more “healthy choices” after a string of bad decisions throws her into a feelings-eating binge. All of her choices, healthy or not, of course, stem from her obsession with Josh, and ultimately, all of her decisions are a reflection of her own self discovery. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise, read on for a look at the myriad of unhealthy choices Rebecca makes in this week’s episode.

Rebecca got sad when her attempt to run into Josh at the skate park was a failure. Paula’s advice? “Don’t skate sad"

It’s always going to be an unhealthy choice to hate-scroll your crush and his girlfriend's getaway hate-scroll

Rebecca’s neighbour’s advice for getting over the sads? Swipe right on Tinder.tinder

Spontaneous Tinder date = bad choice.dontknowyourname

Rebecca recovers from the experience by spending the rest of her evening researching some more healthy choices for herself. She decides to become a vegan.

Which is questionable for her...juicecleanse

Rebecca decides to accept Greg’s date offer, not because she wants to, but because Josh told her she

And to Rebecca's surprise, they get along quite well, and actually enjoy themselves.

But when she is confronted with two clear choices, bad and good....choices

She cracks, ditches Greg and takes manbun-manmeat home from the Taco fairmanmeat

And immediately regrets it.bad

And while none of her choices have made anything better in her love life, she learns that she should stick with her gut and go with what feels right for her. Donuts!donuts

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