Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 103: Party Antics

Rebecca is throwing a party!!! Albeit against her better judgement. Turns out Rebecca has a lot of unresolved emotional issues pertaining to party throwing. Nevertheless, she sets forth on an anxiety riddled road trip through the perils of party throwing. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise, read on for the highs and lows from Rebecca's housewarming party adventure.

One of Rebecca's first party memories from childhood was from when she threw a Pay Per View party for her favourite band "Room Temperature"

She had cheezies!

Her dad left her that day :(

But back in present day she decides to overcome her fears, and throw herself a housewarming party in an effort to hang out with Josh.
"It just kinda looks like you're going to....light your house on fire."

It is an "all themes" party theme

Rebecca pumps herself up to invite people to her party with a "For the record: I have friends. I definitely have friends." song. Although, seemingly not everyone is not totally convinced.

Greg wasn't totally into it.

And unfortunately, Paula had to leave Rebecca during party prep to deal with her delinquent child.

So when it came time for the party - well - it was a rough start

BUT Josh was very understanding of her circumstances, and posted a party selfie. Happy Day indeed!

And Paula rolled up with a Gambler's Anonymous group!

And before too long, her boss was smoking meth and everyone was having a good time.

And it was all because her friends Josh, and Paula stepped up to help her continue on her path of self discovery and healing.
4joshs yourewelcome
"You're welcome"

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