Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 102: Mean Girl Moments

As Rebecca continues to settle into her new life in California, so does she with her plans to blaze along on the “get Josh back” trail. In this episode, her highly imaginative Josh plans are quickly stonewalled by the introduction of his girlfriend Valencia, who turns out to be a ‘mean girl’ personified. Valencia however, is not the sole proprietor of mean girl moments in this episode. If you've not yet watched "But Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!" you can do so here. Otherwise, here are the top mean girl burns from the episode:

When Rebecca and Paula make their first attempt at getting into Spider's (Spider's?), the doorman takes a low shot at Paula (hats are the new tattoos!).onthelist

At the grocery store, while many insults are thrown at Rebecca for her homely getup, none is worse than Valencia's first impression question "Why is Greg with a homeless..."

Valencia is mean girl royalty! hi

When Rebecca brushes off Paula's feelings, it's tough for Paula to decide which mean girl type Rebecca is more like - Taylor...or Katy?TaylorvsKaty

In her relentless pursuit of Valencia's friendship, Rebecca takes Valencia's yoga class, leaving her vulnerable to an attack.childspose

When Valencia finally accepts Rebecca as a friend, they hit Spider's together - mean girl style.

Rebecca does not want to hear it from Greg who, justifiably, questions her behaviour

Greg: "How many bras are you wearing anyway..." bras.gif

Paula tells her boss that the Luna bar he is enjoying is made with menstrual bloodlunabars

When club night blows up in Rebecca's face after she is exposed as a liar, Rebecca realizes what a jerk she has been to her true friend Paula. But Darryl is not invited to this party. hugz

It's not an official girl fight until team shirts are made. TeamRebecca

And Rebecca's plans to pursue Josh will not be stopped just because Valencia forbids it...

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