Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Unapologetic Lady Moments

A “crazy” female is usually known to be an irrational emotional wreck, and is someone whose behaviour can seemingly only be summed up in one all-encompassing word. In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca, the crazy ex in question, breathes new life into crazy, and pits the traditional slur against the crazy rituals and expectations that women deal with day to day. There are many satisfying lady moments in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that also hit on some more serious lady issues that exist for women. Here are some of the best, unapologetic lady moments from the series premiere:

Our protagonist makes the choice to leave her life-monopolizing job to pursue her own happiness - not at the whim of anyone else, most particularly her Mother.
West Covina Ladies

Rebecca meets some strong counterparts at her new real-estate law job.

Never underestimate a ‘woman-in-business’ handshake!deathgrip

Rebecca shuts down the sports bartender who assumes she is lost on her way to the wine bar.
beer please
Bartender: “You’re pretty and you’re smart and you’re obviously ignoring me so you’re my type”

Rebecca is unapologetic about crushing it at work.crushthewaterpark

In “Sexy Getting Ready Song”, we see the repercussions of ladies having to change themselves to meet the expectations of men in a patriarchal society.

Ladies unite! Rebecca takes time to chat with her new colleague and the end result is her making a new friend.

Nothing like a good lady-friend to help out in your journey towards happiness.

In the end, the guy from "Sexy Getting Ready Song" apologizes to his exes for impressing his opinions about their appearance and behaviour on them.

Watch Rebecca give crazy new life in new episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mondays at 10pm ET.