Recap: Continuum 404 "Zero Hour"

Alec sits as the dining room table remembering the last dinner everyone had together.  Jason interrupts him to tell him that he’s not meant to be with Emily, that Emily isn’t Jason’s mother.  Alec accuses him of driving Emily away and storms from the room.

Kiera dumps Lucas’s ashes into a stream in the park as Alec watches.  Brad appears and walks towards them.  Kiera hits him the chest and yells that he killed Lucas.  He tells her that Lucas was only there because of her and if he’d been captured he would have been tortured and confessed to everything.  Brad’s cover would have been blown and they’d never accomplish what they’ve been working for.  Kiera demands to know what the Time Soldiers are building.  Brad says he doesn’t know, but that it uses the same technology as the power suits.  He asks for the key and Kiera tells him she doesn’t have it.  He tells her Zorin will never trust him unless he returns it.  He gives her a cell phone to call him when she has the key.

Kiera walks up to Carlos outside the precinct as he’s discussing a theft with an officer.  She asks what was stolen and he tells her it was a quantum computer – probably stolen by the Time Soldiers.  He confronts her about trusting Brad again.  She assures him that she wants this resolved as much as he does.  He says that they’ll need Alec to figure out what the Time Soldiers need the quantum computer for.

Inside the precinct, Jason approaches Alec.  Alec apologizes for snapping at him earlier and tells him that to have a healthy relationship they have to be honest with each other.  He asks Jason who his mother is if Emily is not a part of Alec’s future.  Jason doesn’t want to tell him, but Alec tells him to go find her.

Kellog and Vasquez walk out of PIRON.  He complains to her about not knowing what’s going on.  She tells him that Marcellus told him everything he needs to know.  He tries to convince her to give him more information, but she grabs him by the throat and tells him that his future self had warned her that he would try to seduce her, because unobtainable women are his Achilles’ heel.

At the precinct, Carlos tells Kiera about a robbery at the blood bank, presumably the work of the Time Soldiers.  She says that they only need blood if they plan on spilling it.  Alec interrupts them to show them security footage of Brad helping during the robbery.  Alec tells Kiera to prove that Brad is on their side within 24 hours or he’ll assign the case to someone else.

Later, Alec shows Kiera a computer simulation of the device that the Time Soldiers are building.  As the simulation runs he realizes that the device is a weapon and tells Kiera that if they’ve stolen any radioactive isotopes the weapon could kills hundreds of thousands. As she rushes from the precinct her phone rings.  It’s Brad and he tells her to meet him at their favourite park.

At the factory, Kellog questions Zorin about what they’re building.  He tells him that it’s up to Marcellus to tell him that, but also offers to introduce him to the rest of the team.

In Alec’s office, Jason looks at the simulation and asks Alec if it’s a fusion bomb.  Alec says he’s not sure, because it’s missing a key piece.  Jason blurts out that he has “the key”, but what he means is that he’s found his mother.

Brad walks up to Kiera in the park.  She confronts Brad about the Time Soliders building a bomb.  He refuses to believe that, but says if it is a bomb he’ll stop them.  He gives her the address of a storage locker where he believes something important is being held.  They are both unaware that Chen is hiding nearby, watching them as they talk.

Carlos and Kiera approach the door of the storage locker.  Carlos unlocks it to reveal something covered by a plastic tarp.  It’s a dialysis machine.

Jason and Alec are across the street from a café, watching a pretty young lady wait on a table.  Jason tells him he found her on Instagram.  He tries to get Alec to leave, but Alec says he’s hungry and walks towards the café.

Carlos confronts Kellog under an overpass.  He tells Kellog that they found something a storage locker rented by a subsidiary of PIRON that is linked to a terrorist cell.  Kellog scoffs that he can’t tie him directly to the terrorists and suggests that he should be talking to Kiera as he walks back to his car.  In the car, Vasquez tell Kellog that Marcellus wants more security.  He tells her that he’s tired of taking orders and he won’t give the Soldiers anything else until he has full disclosure of their plans.

Alec and Jason sit at the counter in the café, arguing about whether to leave.  Jason tells Alec that he doesn’t know much as his mother, because she got sick and died when he was young.  The waitress approaches them to take their order and is concerned by Jason’s odd behavior.  He jumps and leaves the café, but Alec stays and orders pie.

In a gazebo in the park Alec looks at a phone number and the name “Annie” written on a receipt.  Kiera approaches and asks him what’s going on.  He watches a young couple and says they don’t know what their future holds, that they’re not like him and her.  He’s afraid that he’ll make the future worse.  She assures him that she has faith in him and he asks if that’s why she asked to meet him there.  She looks startled and pulls out her gun as she tells him that she got a message saying he wanted to meet her.  She turns around to see Chen approaching.

Kiera demands to know what Chen wants and tells him that his loyalties are suspect.  He says he knows his purpose now and that the Traveler can help them make things right.  He explains that the Traveler came from the distant future and was sent back in time to observe history.  Somewhere in history he accidentally changed something that changed the future.  The Traveler has hope now, because Kiera, Alec and Brad and the machine the Time Soldiers are building can fix things.  Alec doesn’t believe him and walks away angrily, but before he can leave the park a man in a cloak touches him on the forehead and sends him to the future to confront his future self.

Alec’s future self is an old man.  Alec tells him that the Traveler wanted them to meet.  His older self hasn’t yet invented time travel and he says that he’s beginning to think it’s not a good idea.  He tells Alec that the universe is shifting and changing.  Alec replies that it’s because he met Annie.  He asks the older man how long he was with Annie before she got sick.  His future self replies that she wasn’t sick, she killed herself when she realized what he was doing.  He tells Alec that he can change this, but he doesn’t know how.  Alec realizes that time travel isn’t an experiment, but a solution.  Suddenly, Alec is laying on the grass in the park and Kiera is asking him if he’s okay.

Dillon slaps a file on Kellog’s desk and tells him it’s the VPD case files on all the robberies that are being linked to the new cell of terrorists.  He tells Kellog not to ask him to steal files from the police again.  Kellog tells him the VPD wouldn’t have taken care of him the way Kellog did and asks him to let go of the past.  Vasquez listens from the other room.

Alec and Kiera walk out of the park as Kiera tells him that Chen said that a moment is coming where everything can be repaired.  Alec tells her he’s not afraid anymore and that they need to trust themselves and each other.

At the precinct, Alec is hurrying to his office when Carlos stops him.  He confronts Alec about keeping him in the dark and asks him to tell him where Kiera is.  He’s tired of playing games.

Vasquez and Kellog stand in Kellog’s apartment.  He asks her why she’s risking her life for his future self.  She admits that his future self is dying of kidney failure and he realizes that he needs a kidney transplant.  She walks away and Kellog looks down at a picture of the dialysis machine that Kiera and Carlos found in the storage locker.

Jason walks up to Alec’s desk at the precinct.  He tells Alec that something wasn’t right with his simulations so created new ones.  As they wait for the new simulation to load, Jason asks about what happened in the café after he left.  Alec tells him that Annie isn’t his type and that he needs to break old patterns by creating new ones.   His laptop begins to beep as the simulation is completed.  He is overjoyed to realize that the machine the Time Soldiers are building isn’t a bomb.

Kiera is driving when she receives a call from Kellog.  She asks what he wants and he replies that she was right.  He can’t trust himself and they need to work together.  He says that Marcellus and Brad are up to something bad.  He begs her to trust him, because he has the only way to send her home.

In the factory, Zorin finds out that the VPD raided their storage locker and found the dialysis machine.  Brad’s phone goes off with an alert that Kiera is near the building.  One of the soldiers offers to “take care of it”, but Brad pulls his gun.  Zorin tells the soldier to stand down and then reveals to Brad that the Soldiers are building a portal so that their people from the future can come there.  Brad’s sister and nephews are waiting to come through the portal and if Brad doesn’t cooperate they will die.  Brad tells Zorin to let him handle Kiera.

In an alley outside the factory, Brad confronts Kiera.  She tosses him the cell phone with the tracker and accuses him of playing her.  He tries to convince her that she needs to walk away, but she tells him that she can’t.  Carlos appears and points his gun at Brad.  He tells Kiera that Brad was planning to kill her and Kiera replies that it’s not that simple.  Brad tells Kiera to get Carlos out of there or he’ll end up dead.  She steps in front of Brad and tells Carlos that she’s sorry.  She wants to go home so badly that she lied to him.  Brad walks away.

Back at the precinct, Alex apologizes to Kiera for telling Carlos where she went.  She tells him that it’s time to tell Carlos the truth.  Alec tells them both that he and Jason have discovered that the device the Time Soldiers are building is a portal from the future.  Kiera realizes that the supplies that the Soldiers have been stealing are to supply an army.  She says that they have to stop them, but Alec replies that the portal works both ways – he can use it to send Kiera back home.