Recap: Continuum 402 "Rush Hour"

The Matthew Kellog from the future tells Kellog that he needs to trust the Time Soldiers if he wants to fix the future. Future Kellog disappears and present Kellog gets a text message that says “we got her”.  In the next scene, Emily - bruised and beaten - crouches in a corner as a man takes her photo with his phone.

In Alec’s apartment, Alec’s phone goes off.  He’s received a photo of Emily from Kellog.  Alec calls Kellog and Kiera demands to know what he wants.  Kellog wants his “goodies” back in return for Emily.  He says he’ll be in touch and hangs up.  Kiera tells Alec that they have to give Kellog what he wants and Alec reveals that Kellog has the second time travel device and will have access to time travel.

Marcellus meets with Kellog at his office to give him a list of supplies and also tells him that he needs a work crew at a specific building.  Kellog says he’ll see what he can do and then asks if they’re going to “renovate” their way to a better future.  Marcellus tells him that if his future self didn’t tell him, then he can’t tell him.  He reminds Kellog that in his future the world is torn apart and that they can save millions of lives if they trust each other.

At the precinct, Kiera tells Carlos that she won’t let Kellog get away with anything and she needs him to put surveillance on Kellog and his people to find Emily.  Carlos agrees, but says he has to visit Kellog or he’ll get suspicious.

At Alec’s apartment, Julian, Lucas and Jason are busy working on a new way to hack into PIRON.  They tell Alec that PIRON’s system is clean.  Alec says he’ll do whatever he has to get Emily back.

Elsewhere, Kiera meets with Brad.  He tells her that he’s going to remain embedded and that Marcellus seems to be buying his story about using her for information.  Kiera says she’s telling Carlos the same thing.  Brad tells her that Marcellus is meeting with Kellog and Kiera reciprocates by telling that him that everyone is looking for Liber8, not the Time Soldiers.

At Kellogg’s office, Carlos questions Kellog about Emily’s disappearance.  Kellog is telling Carlos that he doesn’t know anything when they are interrupted by Dillon.  Carlos tells him he’s just keeping his seat warm for him at the precinct and Dillon tells him not to bother.

Back at the apartment, Kiera arrives to pick up the hard drive before she meets Kellog.  She takes a call from Carlos and he tells her that his surveillance is in place.  She tells him she’s on her way to meet Kellog and he reveals that Dillon is working for Kellog.  He tells her to be careful before hanging up.  Alec gives Kiera the hard drive and she leaves.

At Alec’s apartment, he reveals to Lucas that he can track the data usage of every PIRON phone which could lead him to the location that is being used to hold Emily.

Kiera meets with Kellog at a restaurant after giving Dillon the hard drive.  He tries to make small talk and she tells him to show her proof that Emily is still alive.

In another location, two thugs handcuff Emily to a chair and take another photo of her.  They leave and Emily discovers a broken piece of wire on the chair that she uses to try to pick the lock on her handcuffs.

Lucas calls Alec to let him know that he thinks he’s located the building that Emily is being held in.

Meanwhile, Travis and Jasmine sit in a car outside the restaurant discussing sacrificing Kiera to kill Kellog.   Unaware of them, Carlos takes photos from the bushes.

Inside the restaurant, Kellog shows Kiera the picture of Emily.  Kellog gets a text telling him that there is an encryption code buried in the data on the harddrive.  He tells Kiera that he wants clean data or Emily will pay the price.  Keira calls Alec’s apartment.  Lucas answers the phone and as she’s speaking to him the waiter leaves the restaurant, locking the door and triggering a device as he walks out.  At the same time, Carlos spots Travis and Jasmine and realizes that Kiera is in danger.

In an abandoned building, Alec approaches one of Emily’s guards and convinces him that he’s his other self.  Smoke billows from a candle as Kiera yells for Lucas to figure out the code that will unlock the restaurant door.  Lucas tells Kiera the smoke is poisonous and that Kellog already has it in his lungs, but she picks up Kellog to carry him out of the restaurant anyway. Dillon arrives as Kiera is carrying Kellog to the water.   Jasmine and Travis realize that Kellog is still alive, but before they can leave their car, Carlos rams into them in an SUV.  Kiera submerges Kellog in water and holds him down until he stops moving.  Lucas watches from a computer screen and yells “now!”  She drags Kellog from the water, yelling for Dillon to help her, and begins CPR.

Alec, disguised as his other self, approaches the door to where Emily’s being held captive with one of her guards, but the guard realizes he’s not who he claims to be and pulls his gun.  Emily runs from the room and helps Alec fight off the guard.

Carlos stumbles from his car and approaches the car with Travis and Jasmine in it.  Travis attacks Carlos, beats him to the ground and prepares to shoot him, but Dillon shoots Travis first and arrests him.

Kiera continues chest compressions on Kellog until he coughs up water.  She explains that she had to fill his lungs with water to counteract the chemicals he’d inhaled.  Lucas calls Kiera and tells her that Alec has rescued Emily.  Kiera tells Kellog that Emily has escaped and their deal is off.  Carlos informs Kiera that Garza escaped.

As Kiera drives away, Garza sits up from where she was hiding in the backseat of the car.  Kiera confronts her about trying to kill Kellog and herself.  Garza tells her that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kiera arrives at Alec’s with Garza and tells her that Travis is in police custody. As everyone starts making dinner, Lucas and Julian ask Alec if he wants to trigger the code hidden in Kellog’s data.  Alec says he won’t do that and that they all need to start working together to stop Kellog.  As they all start to eat, Emily finishes her beer and wanders away from the table.

At Kellog’s apartment, Kellog asks Chen if he put Liber8 up to killing him.  Chen denies it and tells Kellog that he can’t accomplish anything on his own and that he will soon have the chance to send Kiera home.

Alec walks into Emily’s room to find her packing.  She says she has to leave to keep him safe.  She kisses him goodbye and walks away.