Recap: Continuum 401 "Lost Hours"

Kiera and Brad unleashed a "signal" which brought with it future soldiers armed to kill. While Brad re-joined the soldiers as their ally, others continued to pursue Kiera eventually blasting her off her feet. She woke up in the hospital in 2080 and had an emotional reunion with Sam, but all was not as it seemed. As several nefarious characters entered her room and her vision distorted before we came to in 2015. Alec and Carlos came to her aid, but Kiera was shaken. She explained the CMR in her suit produced a simulation in the event of head trauma but didn’t elaborate further. Back in dead Alec's fancy house, Kiera told Alec she stopped Liber8 and stopped Alec from creating the 'broken future.' She felt she'd completed her mission and wanted to focus on herself now. The simulation reignited a sense of longing to get back to her son.  She wanted to go home and wanted Alec's help to send her.

Alec revealed Kellogg's new position at Piron to Kiera. But Alec had plans to mess with them. Kiera wondered if Alec had forgotten their previous conversation already, but Alec explained Kellogg has the technology that Kiera needs to get back home.

Curtis warned Kellogg his future would always catch up with him. Now that the foot soldiers had arrived, Curtis offered to help Kellogg decipher which decisions were important for Kellog's future but Kellogg was still hesitant to accept the alliance.

Kiera and Carlos crashed Kellogg's party and rattle his cage about Brad, the super soldiers and Kellog’s overlord future. Alec and his friends locked down the Piron servers, stealing and deleting the data. Kellog called Alec and asked if he was ready for DEFCON 1. Alec told him to bring it before hanging up on him. When Kiera confronted Alec about what he'd done to the Piron servers and provoking trouble with Kellog, Alec told her information they'd stolen from the servers contained the technical information they needed to send Keira back home.

Lucas and Garza discussed Kellogg controlling Piron and how it was bad for everyone. Lucas also revealed Kiera was protecting Brad, prompting Garza to take action. Worried about Brad, Kiera enlisted Alec’s help and went to the super solider location while Alec spoke in her ear, just like the old days. Garza followed Kiera with armed at the ready. She reluctantly agreed to give Kiera a head start before infiltrating the super soldier building guns blazing.

Alec recorded all Kiera was able to see amongst the super soldiers and their supplies. While invisible with her suit, Kiera attempted to take a pen-like device unnoticed but was shot at and exposed. Through a hail of gunfire she gave chase onto the roof before being shot again. Kiera woke up being held over the edge by the future soldiers while Brad looked on. Brad suggested to Marcellus that Kiera could be useful. Marcellus disagreed and threw her off the roof but Kiera used her suit to ignite a force field that shielded her, lessening the impact of her fall onto a car. Garza rolled up just in time for her to hop in the car and escape while Marcellus seemed increasingly doubtful of Brad's loyalty.

After a kick ass fight, where she was SO close to getting away, Kellog’s men kidnapped Emily. Kiera went to see Carlos and admitted she'd been preoccupied with thoughts of Sam. She needed to believe that future still exists. Carlos supported Kiera's desire to get home, even if he wasn’t happy about it. With a flask they toasted to getting her there.

At a late night meting, Curtis prompted Garza to kill Kellog for everyone’s benefit, while Kellog himself received a mystery envelope that contained a futuristic device. When Kellog activated he saw an older version of himself.