Lost Girl 304: Hungry hungry Bo

This week’s episode opened with another marathon session between Bo and Lauren, which is interrupted when Lauren has to do a bunch of science stuff. Have to hate it when that happens.


Next, we jump right into this week’s case. Tasmin and Dyson confront a want-to-be stunt performer, who wants to do something very, very stupid – walk across a tightrope without a harness. Before he has a chance to go splat (which unfortunately for him he does) Dyson tells Tasmin that there’s been a rash of humans dying doing stupid stunts, and that he suspects a Fae’s involved.


It turns out that all the victims were all patients of a new age clinic called The Better Way, so naturally Dyson and Tasmin want to figure out the link. Realizing that doctor-patient confidentiality would probably hinder any progress, Dyson gets Bo to disguise herself as a couples therapist to infiltrate the clinic. On the plus side, Bo’s succubus powers make her just about the greatest couples therapist ever.


Bo then has an eventful lunch hour, heading back to Lauren’s…where they have a huge (and based on the reaction to this week’s teaser, controversial!) fight.  Definitely one of the more awkward moments between those two, that’s for sure. They do seem to make up later though.


Things don’t get any less crazy though, as both Kenzi and Bo have issues to deal with – Kenzi has that whole arm thing to deal with, although we’re still not sure exactly what’s going on with it. Meanwhile, Bo has more people almost killing themselves, with the added annoyance of having a suicide fae following around the potential victims. Plus, things complicated for her when she has to feed on Dyson after getting injured. And then, things give even more complicated when the suicide fae turns up dead. And then, things get even even more complicated when Dyson ends up hypnotized after going to the clinic, and starts brandishing a knife at his doctor (who turns out to not even be fae).


So, it’s back up to the roof, where Dyson is ready to jump, rambling on about wanting to be a griffin. Luckily, Bo is there to save him, and then Tasmin takes down this week’s culprit. Who was it? Let’s just say you can never trust a cat (I’ve always been more of a dog person anyway).


In the end, there are a few more revelations:
  1. Kenzi’s having her access to Hale seriously cut-down, and her arm is going crazy (and one more thing in the final scene!)

  2. Dyson’s getting tempted by the Dark Side

  3. Lauren’s pretty understanding of the whole being with a Succubus thing (admit it - you were worried there for a second). But no Dyson.


So, what’s your reaction to this week’s episode?