Lost Girl 303: Kenzi and the Staff of Righteousness

This week's episode opened with a huge thug fighting with Bo over a photo the Morrigan wants back - luckily Kenzi was there, sliding through the mud and then punching him in the groin. It's all fun and games, until the fun ends when Kenzi brings up her dislike of Lauren...awkward.

Anyway, back to that photo, which is a photo of the Morrigan tied up in bed (which happened back in season two). Vex (who seems to have lost his Fae powers) steals Bo's phone to get the photo back, but the Morrigan, ever tough-to-be-pleased, doesn't seem to be particularly impressed.

Meanwhile, Hale tells Bo that something called the Staff of Righteousness has been stolen - we don't find out what it does quite yet, but it's pretty obvious that it must be do something good. Hale wants Bo to get it back, saying that if she does he'll be able to protect her from the Morrigan.

Next, things start to get interesting as a parasite which we can only assume comes from Vex via the Morrigan starts spreading through the ear (kinda like in Star Trek II), and infects Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin. The parasite causes very strange symptoms - for the lack of a better description, they all start acting like the cast of Mean Girls.

Back at the clubhouse, some sort of pig-guy (there he is below) shows up and attacks Lauren, Vex and Kenzi. Kenzi though is up to the task again, killing the guy with the aforementioned Staff, which had been recovered earlier. Later, Lauren figures out that it's Vex who brought the parasite into the group, albeit unintentionally.

Vex heads back to the Morrigan, who explains that the parasite does two things: first, it makes its host 'into a self-obsessed brat who are too young for Fae powers'; second, it makes the host secrete pheromones that attract nasty Fae types, including the pig fellow. The Morrigan knows that Bo and her friends are powerless, and wants Vex to finish them off.

So, this all leads to the final battle, where Kenzi will have to save everyone by beating pig-Fae with a stick in one of the series' best fight scenes. Also, this happens, fittingly to Hungry Like the Wolf (nice work, whoever made this gif):

Plus, Kenzi and Lauren bond, and Bo and Tamsin play spin the bottle. If you didn't see it for yourself make sure to watch the episode online HERE!