Lost Girl 410 Recap: “Waves”

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: Bubble, bubble, swimming trouble. Newly minted Shadow Thief Kenzi accepts a case that really proves to have legs, while Bo and Rainer both relive her past and forge a bold, beyond-dangerous new future. “Waves” is this episode’s title, well-chosen because the idiom ‘making waves’ involves asking for, if not directly causing, trouble. With Rainer no longer imprisoned as The Wanderer, that trouble is only just beginning. If you have not yet seen "Waves," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

“Waves” does not start with the fallout from last episode, which ended with Bo and Rainer shocking the gang at The Dal. Instead, the ‘destined’ couple stands alone in the immediate aftermath of a battle that has left our heroine blood-spattered. The rest of her arc in this episode is mostly spent in flashback, restoring all of her (intentionally) blacked-out memories and, finally, revealing who was responsible for Bo’s dark alignment — not who we thought it was. When the story comes full-circle, we learn that the blood on Bo’s face from a fight with the Una Mens...to the death.

Lost Girl S04E10 pic2Mirror, mirror on the wall: Measles aside, who’s the Fae-est one of all? 

Rent needs to be paid at Kenzi and Bo’s Fae/human detective agency, and Kenz realizes that Bo doesn’t have to be the Fae in the equation. She bribes help from Dyson and Lauren, using the one thing she knows they will never say no to — Bo; sorry, make that: coffee. Together they accept a curious case wherein a corporate mucky-muck got her legs bitten off during a casual dip in the company pool. It turns out that the business types at Alaria Technologies don’t swim with the sharks: they swim with the mermaids.

Lost Girl S04E10 pic3Moping and mopping: they’re either thinking about Bo or coffee.

In a breaststroke of genius, Kenzi captures the menacing mermaid using “the best bait in town”: Lauren in a bathing suit. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to be ignored...locked out by someone you love?” asks Dominique, who is on an anti-leg kick (ahem) because she feels rejected by her mer-family, who left her to literally walk among the humans. Her question is rife with double meaning for both Lauren and Dyson, who both put on pouty faces — but I forbid either Teams Doccubus or Dybo to complain because Team Valkubus didn’t even get invited to the pool party.

Lost Girl S04E10 pic4
Lauren tells the mer-people to take off; Zoie Palmer = Canadian = hoser

The real meat of this episode comes with what proves to be Bo’s final confrontation with Arabella, The Keeper of the Una Mens. Arabella threatens to kill everyone in Bo’s circle — family and friends — as the penalty for freeing The Wanderer. With guidance from Rainer, whose newly returned Fae power is the gift of foresight, Bo battles Arabella, and ends up killing her. Or does she? A bloody hand is seen reaching for Trick’s missing papyrus seed at episode’s end. Is it Arabella? Massimo? Bo? With three episodes left this season, the answer can’t be far off.

Lost Girl S04E10 pic5The name of this game is five-card high-low stud  — “Sudden Death” 

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?  Lost Girl 4x11 "End of a Line" airs Sunday, January 26th at 10PM ET/PT.