Lost Girl Recap: E06, 'Of All the Gin Joints'

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: an episode that raises the bar. It almost razes the bar, too. “Of All the Gin Joints” directly references the classic noir romance Casablanca, arguably the greatest-ever film about doomed love. As nightclub owner Rick Blaine comments when his former lover re-enters his life by seeming coincidence, “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine...” In this episode of Lost Girl, a singing Fae named Ianka enters The Dal seeking sanctuary, with rival forces in hot pursuit. Bo & co. must find a way to defuse not just the tension but also the fleeing Fae, who has been turned into a living bomb by one of her previous captors. If Bo can save Ianka, her reward will transcend the mere satisfaction of helping someone: this Fae will help Bo unlock some of her deep-buried memories. If you have not yet seen "Of All the Gin Joints," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Am I the only person wondering if Bo’s involuntary Dark alignment is also making her involuntarily extra headstrong? Never one to play it safe, our succubus, but she really pushes her luck this episode. First, she insists that Trick and Kenzi help her to help Ianka, and just about destroys The Dal in the process. Next, she brings Dyson up to speed on her Dark alignment...and immediately seduces him. Dyson nobly protests, reminding her that Light and Dark Fae are forbidden to intermingle, but it takes Trick intervening to shut down the succubus. (“Get your brains out of each other’s pants!” he hilariously admonishes.) Alas, Bo’s never heard a “no” she didn’t dislike, and re-seduces Dyson at episode’s end, whereupon the Una Mens arrive to arrest the wolf.
Lost Girl S04E06 pic2Oh! Keeper! Hi!! We were just looking for my contact lens...

“I didn’t expect The Morrigan to show up with pizza and beer,” quips Lauren, the now-Dark doctor, when her new de facto boss drops by to give her the keys to the Fae Dark Science & Medical Facility. She reluctantly allows Evony to eat, drink and be Fae-ry with her. Viewers will of course remember what happened last time Lauren and a shady lady shared brews and a slice. The events here do heat up, albeit not quite the way you’ll expect. Let’s just say Lauren really puts the “lock” back in liplock. (An aside: Cheers to “Dark Belch” as a beer name, and double cheers to “it... beginning.” #mwahahaha)
Lost Girl S04E06 pic3Someone please tell Lauren that drinking with the makeup mirror still counts as drinking alone.

I have a sneaky feeling that Team Kenzi will not be pleased about Kenz’s fling with Hale becoming so serious that she ends up wearing his hat — but sound off in the Comments!
Lost Girl S04E06 pic4What say you, Lost Girl fans: Hail hail Kenzi and Hale? Or will there be Hale to pay?

This episode’s fugitive Fae storyline is terrific, although the Casablanca reference had me wondering, erroneously, if Ianka was actually Trick’s ex. One startling revelation is that Bo knows Ianka from an undisclosed time in the past (Ianka had been a slave for centuries, and at what point the two of them actually met is never revealed), and Ianka’s siren-ish powers can be used to help Bo unblock memories. Three pretty important flashback sequences arise from this, including one with a crown upon which the name Isabeau is engraved in a script font. There’s also an inordinate emphasis on mirrors in this episode — did anyone else notice that? Numerous characters are seen using them, almost suggesting they are seeing themselves properly for the first time. Clearly, these brief glimpses into Bo’s deep past are just the beginning. Maybe next episode will give us more insight into Rainer, not to mention Trick’s missing papyrus seed.
Lost Girl S04E06 pic5Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most “Miss Havisham in Great Expectations” of all?

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?
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