LOST GIRL S04 BLOG: E04, “Turn to Stone”

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: Now that #BoIsBack, no time to waste as your fae-vourite show advances its dark conspiracies. “Turn to Stone” makes numerous revelations about the world Bo & co. roam. Get ready to see Tamsin, Massimo and one other key character assigned new positions on the power board, leading to this far-from-hyperbolic online Twitter comment: Lost Girl's most important episode ever? The episode that changes everything.” The gang is back together (mostly: Lauren’s still in a giant pickle) but, as viewers know from experience, more often than not they are their own worst enemies. Despite managing to see past the pettiness in time to prevent one evil plot from coming to fruition, Bo still gets blindsided — along with the rest of us — by the episode’s powerhouse, truly dark conclusion. If you have not yet seen "Turn to Stone," watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Where last episode was all about outside forces interfering with various couples’ romances (watch “Lovers. Apart.” here), this one concerns the way that in-fighting prevents friends and family from nurturing the bonds that truly matter. In this respect, “Turn to Stone” is a metaphor for the way that, having been hurt, many of us become tough/hardened but sad on the inside. Fittingly, the episode opens with Bo and Dyson in a boxing ring, and ends with Bo and Kenzi at a punching bag. In between: confessions and misunderstandings aplenty — and some reparations, including Dyson alluding to way that all-human Kenzi can be fae without being true fae (so: fae-esque?). Despite the hugs and handshakes, it’s pretty clear by episode’s end that all is not resolved among Bo’s circle, so expect these bitter plotlines to keep boiling. (Hey, the show’s called Lost Girl, not Harmonious Girl.)
Lost Girl S04E04 pic 2If you like it, then you better get in the ring with it.

As always, no shortage of memorable one liners in this episode. Probably my fave: Bo telling Massimo, “No one fights with my roommates but me.” Still, for simultaneous brevity and cheek, you’ve got to love Lauren laughing at the realization that Crystal #spybanged her. And you’ve got to love Lauren even more for remaining perky, albeit a pissed-off perky, while both she and Crystal jump through the puzzling hoops of their mysterious captor. (Given that it’s impossible you could need more incentive to watch “Turn to Stone,” I won’t even mention that WE FIND OUT LAUREN’S REAL NAME AND WHAT IS THE UGLY, HIDDEN SECRET OF HER PAST.)
Lost Girl S04E04 pic 3
Chains of love, chains of SAW: Lauren and Crystal roleplay their favourite movie.

Among many life lessons learned the hard way in “Turn to Stone”: Never give a woman a haircut she doesn’t want. When Massimo traps Tamsin in order to steal some of her hair — for his mother, you understand — and re-weaponize her against Bo, he takes things a bit too far and accidentally unleashes The Harbinger of Death (whoops!). The ensuing showdown/throwdown sequence is nothing short of shocking, from revelations to resolution. The way that Massimo makes his exit: hot. The way that Bo reacts: (turn to stone) cold.
Lost Girl S04E04 pic 4 (2)
Returning as Tamsin in this episode, Rachel Skarsten decides to wing it.

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