Beauties and Beasts and Holidays

Hi guys! Welcome to our first 'Beauty and the Beauty' hiatus blog! Happy New Year!!! Did you guys get any great gifts for Christmas? I got new stemless wine glasses (I always break the ones with stems—spaz!), and some new LuLu Lemons...good haul right? Christine, what did you get?

Christine: I got a bathrobe, a crock pot, Resident Evil: 6 for PS3, and some clothes I picked out myself because otherwise my grandma buys my outfits in size 14

Sarah: OMG how could she possibly think you are a size 14!!!!! hahaha

Christine: We also got a shared gift certificate for dinner for two at Red Lobster. Me and my grandma are tight.

Sarah: Bitchin’ haul. So, this week, we’re giving you a BATB gift exchange as well as a quick NYE rundown. Enjoy!

A BATB Holiday Gift Exchange:
There are a few different types gift exchanges that could happen as we all know, but I would like to think that this was a “name-pull” type gift exchange with the names pulled as follows:

JT - Tess
Cat - Evan
Heather - Cat
Tess - Heather
Cat - JT
Evan - Vincent

And here's the gang at the scene of the gift exchange! I can't wait to see what Vincent got!
Here we go!

JT -Tess:
"Hi listen, you don’t know me, but I know you. I’ve seen you lots with Cat and I can tell by looking at you that you are a bitchin’ partner. Did you know that I am also a side-kick type? No? Well I that brooder over there (He is a BEAST). Here’s your gift - enjoy!"

Sarah: I was thinking some sort of sidekick gift? Not sure if stuff like that exists...
Christine: JT buys Tess a full box of Lipton Sidekicks. Like twenty packages of Sidekicks. There are instant mashed potatoes, instant stroganoff, and - my personal favourite - instant three-cheese noodles.
Sarah: He would give her that. Or he could give her a pair of sweet kicks (shoes)?
Christine: I like that!
Sarah: The best sidekick to come out this year was Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin in The Dark Knight Rises. What a babe. If he could give him to Tess, that would be the best gift.

Heather - Evan
"Hope its not too soon for this! xoxoxoxox"

Christine: this trip is immediately cancelled after Evan discovers that Heather couldn’t actually afford the trip to Cabo, and was banking on him paying for the whole vacation. Better luck next time, Heather!
Sarah: AKA worst gifter ever.

Vincent - Cat
"I love you. I have always loved you from the moment I laid eyes on saving you in the forest. Did you know that you have the same eyes as your mother? Me saying that to you is a gift. I also want to give you the gift of my undying love and never ending kisses. Please accept this gift and never leave my strong, ab-filled side. Please turn and slowly walk towards me so we can make-out for a super long romantic time."

Sarah: Paid for by JT + Cat’s salaries until Vincent gets a PAYING JOB already
Christine: Added stocking stuffer: 2 for 1 discount to couples yoga

Tess - Heather
"Girl, you need to toughen up! Gain a little confidence! You ARE Cat’s sister aren’t you? Let me know if you want me to go with you!"

Christine: Things get weird when Heather realizes Tess is the teacher
Sarah: Wooooot! Secret’s out! Saucy Tess!

Cat - JT:
"I think we got off on the wrong foot. I know in the past you’ve seen me as an intrusion on your life, and possibly a dangerous one. I just want you to know that while I play protector to our boy Vincent, I am also trying to protect you. Here are all of my work passwords and replicas of my safety passes etc."

Christine: Yes! Also, one year’s supply of beef jerky.

Evan - Vincent
"I know who you are now. I can’t help but have noticed that you are easily able to lift Cat in your arms and carry her around and that makes me slightly insecure. I haven’t known you for long, and am a wee bit begrudged that I have to give you a gift, but in any event its the least that I could do considering I believe you saved my life."

Sarah: Doesn’t help his manliness insecurities.
Christine: Evan then breaks it down for Vincent: The show is called “Dawson’s Creek” but in the end, Joey chooses Pacey. Does that sound familiar?

Top Ten Moments of the Gang’s NYE:
10.“Let’s paaaaaarrrrrrttttyyyy!” said JT. And with that the night began
9. Evan hides in a closet from Heather after she gets too drunk and tries to grope him in front of Cat.
8. Vincent fugues out on top of the NYC ball drop; scares people
7. Cat has a wardrobe malfunction at a wild club night out with Tess; flashes the dance floor
6. Popstar childstar Jake shows up, tries to make out with Tess.
5. Tess and Cat take a joyride around town with Jake; wind up at Times Square
4. Vincent fugues off the balldrop right before it drops, stealing its thunder; starts leaping around on roofs.
3. Evan carries Heather around Times his arms, so he too can feel manly.
2. JT tries to make out with Cat - drunkenly misinterprets signals.
Christine: Cat left her leather jacket on a park bench. JT, drunk as fuck, mistakes the bench for Cat and tries to make out with it. Tess arrests him and throws him in the drunk tank.
Sarah: LOL poor JT - can’t catch a break with us
Christine: No mercy.

1. Cat runs away, up a fire escape, onto a roof and into Vincent’s arms. He says... “Your place...or mine?” THEY KISS!

Christine: But sadly, after a night of drunken debauchery, neither of them remember. Thus the series continues just as from where we left off last episode.
Sarah: hahah perfect.

Watch out for the next 'Beauty and the Beauty' post on Monday! In the meantime, we will be replacing all of the broken images in our previous blog posts that were lost in the switch from old site to new. Thank you for your patience!