Lost Girl Season Three Premiere: What'd You Think?

Well, Lost Girl is officially back, and it looks like it took a decidedly darker Bo along with it.


Last night's premiere opened with Bo acting a bit wilder than usual – roaming darkened alleys, beating up guys, and making it rain outside of clubs (with money, not with water). She then rushes into the Dal, only to get arrested by Dyson as Trick, Kenzi, and Vex (who's now basically part of the crew as you'll recall) watch on.


She's then sent to an all-female Fae prison run by a bunch of Amazons, where she quickly learns that her Fae powers are useless. Turns out the Amazons have a nice little scheme going – working outside the rule of the new Ash, they basically do whatever they want, and - using a Vulcan-esque strategy for any Star Trek fans out there - only mix with males once every five years to mate and produce offspring. Well, female offspring at least - the males are left in the woods to fend for themselves.


Next, it's off to work detail for Bo, and it turns out she's not stamping license plates. Instead, she's the new nurse for the prison doctor. Now, there's good news and bad news about the doc. The good news – it's Lauren. The bad news – to trick everyone into thinking she's Fae Lauren is wearing skunk ape secretions. Ever-useful, Lauren gives Bo a piece of stone from Stonehenge, which gives her her Succubus powers back.


Meanwhile, back at the Dal, Kenzi is pleading with the new Ash (semi-spoiler-alert-even-though-everyone-pretty-much-knew-already: it's Hale) to help Bo, who got herself arrested on purpose to investigate the prison, but there's nothing he can seemingly do.


Back at the prison, Bo's getting herself into all sorts of trouble with the Amazonian warden, who quickly realizes that the stone Bo's holding onto is the reason she's getting the upper hand in the fights she keeps getting into. Later, Kenzi gets dressed up in her finest trailer park outfit and visits the prison, where she makes out with Bo (so you can cross that off the Lost Girl bucket list) to slip her a contact lens that lets her get by the warden's fancy retina scanner and into her high-security rooms. Once inside, she finds that the Amazon's baby schemes are even weirder than she thought...and also finds out that the warden's been, er, hiding something below the belt.


Bo and Lauren escape the prison, but the episode isn't over yet. Towards the end there are two revelations that we're sure you have opinions about:

  1. Looks like Bo and Lauren might just be together

  2. Maybe Bo acting dark wasn't just a ruse to get into prison after all, as the final scene of the premiere showed pretty clearly

So, what do you think? Are Bo and Lauren actually going to stay together? And is Bo really going dark, or is she already there?