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Defiance Recap: 205 “Putting the Damage On”

An episode that takes it title seriously, “Putting the Damage On” sees numerous characters undergo massive mental and physical trauma.

Weekend Movies: Snakes, The Dark Knight, And A Coupla Twisters

Consider your entertainment bases 100% covered.

Defiance Recap: 204 'Beasts of Burden'

Fresh out of prison, Datak Tarr wastes no time reestablishing his crime empire.

Weekend Movies: Sharks, The ‘Matrix’ Trilogy, and Handsome-Arse Channing Tatum

What more could you possibly want from a weekend? Short answer: nada.

An interview with Diana Gabaldon, Author of the Outlander series

Diana Gabaldon discusses her involvement in bringing Outlander to life, her reactions to the scripts and casting, and why this was the right time for these books to come alive on the small screen.