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The Path: The Hole

We picked up where we left off last week, with Eddie digging the hole as part of his 7R training. After digging all night he saw a vision of Sarah and Cal making out, which was disturbing for all of us.

The Path: A Dark and Ominous Future

As we start to see some of the motivations that drive the elder members of Meyerism - I have to wonder where things are headed.

Outlander Recap Season 2 – Episode 2 - Not in Scotland, Anymore

The opening sequence shows how Jamie continues to be tortured by the events of Wentworth. Claire’s attempts to comfort him seem not to work and in one glance as Jamie leaves the room you can sense the distance between them. Claire and Jamie are no longer in Scotland.

The Path: An Unfortunate Homecoming

Everyone is lying, except for poor Miranda Frank. We had our fair share of family drama when we met Cal's mother, who surfaced a darkness in her son. All the while Steven's health continued to deteriorate on this week's episode of the Path.

Outlander Recap – Through a Glass, Darkly

The title of this episode has a long history from appearing in Biblical passages to multiple different novels and the title of numerous rock albums. The title instantly kick starts us into knowing we are going to be seeing Outlander at the start of Season 2 through a dark and imperfect mirror.