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Showcase 2015 Fan Expo Schedule

View the schedule of events and activities Showcase has planned for Fan Expo 2015.

Watch a Special Pre-Release of Mr. Robot, Continuum and Lost Girl

Showcase is launching the Fall schedule with a massive, multi-platform pre-release of the premiere episodes for the hit series Mr. Robot, Continuum, and Lost Girl.

Bad People Make Good TV on ‘UnREAL’

Find out everything about the new Lifetime series airing on June 1st on a special premiere event on Showcase.


We’re nearing the end of Outlander’s first season! This episode takes us into Wentworth Prison where Jamie is awaiting execution, and Claire is still trying to rescue him.


At the end of last episode, Claire and Jenny get word that Jamie was captured by the Redcoats after The Watch was ambushed on their raid. “The Search” begins with Claire heading out to search for Jamie. Ian wants to help but can’t without his prosthetic leg, there isn’t much he can do. Claire also refuses help from anyone at Lallybroch because she wants to keep them off the Redcoats’ radar. There’s one person Claire can’t prevent from going along: Jenny. There’s no arguing the Fraser stubbornness, and thus Claire and Jenny’s Excellent Adventure begins.