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This week on Continuum 305, '30 Minutes to Air'

This episode’s telling hashtag, #ProLiber8, speaks volumes, as we see two children, worlds (and timelines) apart, trying, but not always succeeding, to assist their system-bucking parents.

Weekend Movies: All Sorts of More Action!

Impeccable grammar ain’t needed when you’ve got movies this goodest.

Production Begins on Lost Girl Season 5

Buffy star Charisma Carpenter joins the cast of Lost Girl as a guest star in the season five premiere.

This week on Continuum E04 'Minute Changes'

Kiera's ethics are important, becuase where she is currently trapped as a “second self,” in 2012, her trustworthiness is being called into question.

Weekend Movies: Action, Football, and Mr. David Arquette!

Let’s face facts: without these three things, your life is good, but not great. So settle in and let the movie watching begin.